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The Great Gray Owl

From the awesome mind of Ms. Robin Walker, mother of The Great Gray Owl, this is how you do Halloween in a chic, cool way:

“I went to the fabric store bought 6 colors of felt, interfacing (creates structure for the wings), black tights (century 21 $2.00), velcro, black dye, one really rad feather, and fabric glue.  I had a white onesie (Carters) on hand and I ordered the hat from Hanna Annerson.  I cut 5 pannels of the white for the feathers on the onesie and glued.  I cut the black felt into the goggles and glue the velcro, done.  Then I dyed the white pilots hat black and cut lil ears from the felt and glued to the hat, done.  Then the wings gave me total trouble.  I cut each color felt into a different size “feather” then glue together and backed with the interfacing, finally I glued the velcro onto the back of the wings to attached it to the baby..  He was great and totally didn’t give me any trouble when getting ready!!!  Such a man and a good lil owl!  The Mummy mini cupcakes are just lil brownies with candy eyes (Target) put on with the white frosting piped over with a flat pastry tip!”


Andre Leon Smalley

Watch out we have a new Editor-at-Large.  A new front-row regular at every major show from New York to London to Milan to Paris!  He has his finger on the pulse!

H&M Jean Jacket

H&M Pant

Vans Era Sneakers
Karl Who Bag  /
Check out his new magazine LURVE

Isn't She Lovely?


The essence of a child is the first thing I notice.  I thought this little girl exuded such a lovely, graceful energy.

Toggle coat / Steve and Barry’s

Pants / Little Miss Attitude

Shoes / Crocs

Photography by Andrew Adler

The True Princess


A true princess is not the one who is just beautiful, dressed in fine gowns, being waited on & pampered by servants. A true princess is one who is kind, loving, humble, and serving others through her own goodwill.  That is the truth we need to teach our young girls.

Dress / Toystore

Cardigan / IMP

Ruby Red Slippers / Target

Photography by Andrew Adler

Obsession Of The Week

This week I had the honor to interview one of the owners of my all time favorite children’s stores on the planet,  Yoyamart in New York City, in the heart of the Meatpacking District.

I sat down with Stephane Gerbier to discuss his inspiration for Yoyamart , and there was no monkeying around with this very serious man (insert sarcasm here).  Here are the things we learned:

Stephan, a French father of two, came to the idea of Yoyamart with his partners, Cristina Villegas Boujnah, JD Boujnah (who designed their now iconic Yoyamart Monkey Logo) and his wife Gena Gerbier, when they would take their kids to toy stores or clothing stores and could not wait to escape!  They decided they must open a store where both the parent and the child want to spend time, linger and enjoy the shopping experience.  They wanted a store that was genuinely inspiring to both adult and child and sold thought-provoking, beautiful, stimulating and amusing toys and clothing.

So in 2002, Yoya clothing boutique was born, and Yoyamart followed in 2004, with toys, gadgets, dvd’s, books, clothing and more!   Stephane explained to me that he wanted Yoyamart to be a place where a father can spend quality time with his child.  He observed  that there was nothing in the children’s marketplace geared towards fathers and decided that the FATHER is way too large a demographic to ignore.  There are the married dads, the single dads, the gay dads, the divorced dads, and all are looking for a unique, cool, fun place to shop not only with their children, but also for themselves (as we know most men are just big kids!)

The inspiration for Yoyamart also came from another place. Stephane saw a real lack of creativity in the children’s market. The toy industry does not seem to give children enough credit, and routinely feeds them the same old images and toys and characters year after year after year.  The industry has no real vision for our children and keep churning out the same old recognizable stuff.  Children should not be underestimated.  Children have an incredible sense for what is truly inspiring and moving to them.  Children fall in love with something purely out of instinct and attraction.  Children choose the objects they love with a very pure heart, free of judgment or references.  Stephane says they wanted to create a place where a child’s intelligence was respected and they could offer something new.  A new way to look at toys and inspire their imaginations.   They also wanted to fill a niche where both the child and the parent could come in an browse.  Yoyamart offers a great variety for both child and parent alike. It is an imagination wonderland!

Then, Stephane and I really got down to business and I asked him some tough questions-

Who is your favorite villain?      The Joker

Who is your favorite hero?         Batman (from the original TV show)

What is the quality you most admire in a child?   Creativity and patience.

What is your favorite candy?    Jawbreakers

What did you dream of becoming when you where a child?   A pilot

Describe yourself in 4 words?  COOL. GUY. TO. KNOW.

If you were a color, what color would you be?   RED, for passion!

What are your favorite names?  Hannah and Noah, my two beautiful children.

What is your motto?   Be thankful for what you have.

What is your favorite sound?  Thunder & rain

What is your favorite ice cream?  Pistachio

What is your favorite children’s movie?  The Jungle Book

What is your favorite toy in the store?  The custom Yoya Monster designed by David Horvath, who also designed the Ugly Dolls.

What is your favorite day of the week?  Sunday because that is the day I get to spend time with my family.

What is your most amazing childhood memory?  Being chosen at age 4 to be an extra in a movie called ‘Nous Irons A Deauville” by the great French comic actor Louis De Funes.  He just picked me off the beach.  Amazing!

What are your favorite kids clothing brands?   Yoya and Yoyamart of course, but also Bellerose, Essentiel, Tokidoki and Ryder & James.

What is your favorite place to eat with your kids?  Pastis

Favorite vacation spot to take the kids?     Japan for the culture, food, Miyazaki films and designer toys!  We also love Barbados, Anguila, and Turks & Caicos.  My beautiful wife is from the islands and we love the relaxed pace of life.

Okay, tell us what your favorite objects in the store are?

Moonboots by Tecnica

Ursa The Wooden Bear by Areaware

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint by Yoyamart

Anatomic 3D Frog Puzzle by Kikkerland

Fat Cat Designer Toy designed by Amanda Visell by Zakka Mono

The Bird Book by Andrew Zuckerman

Spongebob Bearbrick 400% by Medicom

Thank you to the entire Yoyamart Team, special love to Joey, for letting us come and hang out with you and get truly inspired!


Cristina, JD, Gina and Stephane

Yoyamart is located at 15 Gansevoort Street- 212 242 5511 /

Photography by Andrew Adler

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