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The Epitome of Awesome

We had the pleasure of meeting this Awesome Kid in Central Park this holiday weekend.

Shun is a self-taught one man circus act.  He juggles, rides a unicycle, plays the conga, and has the sweetest demeanor of any 9 year old we have ever met.

He will be performing at Madison Square Garden this week at the Knicks game!

Photography by Andrew Adler

Road Warrior

Bracing the cold in style, and rockin’ Central Park.

Coat / Old Navy

Pants / Gap Baby

Boots / Gap Baby

Hat / Gap Baby

Photography by Andrew Adler

Queen Bee

All hail the Queen of Cute!

Jacket / Sesame Street

Dress / Handmade by Aunt Stacey

Boots / Old Navy

Scarf / Vintage

Photography by Andrew Adler

She's got big thoughts, big dreams…

The glamorous life………

Bib / Kissy Kissy

Onesie / Hanna Andersson

Leggings / Baby Gap

Inspiration Saturation

Adrian F. Hidalgo hand knits the most luxurious, delightful, super soft baby clothes. His collection includes booties, hats, blankets, sweaters, capes, mittens and gift sets for preemies, newborns & children of all sizes.

The line uses the very best of fibers from highland wools to luxurious Baby Alpacas, one of the softest fibers on earth.  In addition, they also use cashmere & merino wool blends from Italy.  All which are safe for children and easy to care for.

What really captures our hearts is that Adrian F. Hidalgo is part of the CITI Community, which last year donated  over 2,500 items to preemies and newborns! This year they are focusing on making blankets for terminally ill patients entering hospice care.

A handmade item of this quality makes a wonderfully personal and intimate gift during the holidays!    We just ordered a hat and scarf!!!!

Please visit the website here  at  Adrian F. Hidalgo

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