unparalleled chic

Coat / Busnel

Sneakers / Converse

Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week / Photographed exclusively by Craig Arend of Altamira

6 Responses to “unparalleled chic”

  1. Craig Arend says:

    She was the cutest EVER. Her outfit is sooo stereotypically Stockholm too. Her feminine lace top, feminine pink coat and boyish androgynous Converse. Converse are as common on girls here as Manolo’s are in Sex and the City.

  2. admin says:

    She is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous!!! Lovely picture as well!!!

  4. Yoli says:

    What a beautiful face!

  5. mich says:

    would you please tell me where I can find that jacket? it it busnel? can you please do a quicklink?

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