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As everyone knows by now, we are huge fans of Papier Mache Magazine.

Issue #6 is out online and Print Issue # 1 was a huge global success!

What makes Papier Mache such a definitive voice in such a cluttered world?   We had a chance to catch up with Editor Beck Marshall.   Here are 5 questions we asked.

1. Tell us about Papier Mache Issue #6.  The inspiration, the process, the vibe and energy in this issue?

We actually decided with this issue to loosen up a little and have some fun. We have a lot going on at papier mache at the moment – focusing on building papier mache digital and papier mache print.  With the digital issues we don’t want to get to stayed, so we have decided to make 6 smaller papier mache’s a year..with different themes …( keeping our readers inspired). This issue we focused a little on the ‘unique’. People who dance to there own beat. We are a small team so it’s always a little mad how we work. Sometimes it’s days at the office, other times it’s late at night when the kids are asleep. Sometimes it’s a Sunday and eldest daughter plays mum to the small kids while we work.

2.  We were just recently at Playtime New York.   So many gorgeous, well-designed, thoughtful and just purely magical kids’ wear brands on the market today.   What is your editing process when you are faced with so much quality?

True, there are so many amazing people out there. I think anyone who takes a leap and starts there own business is a superstar. I have my favourites!  I guess I look to them when deciding on stories. I am always interested in new labels, there are a lot of emerging brands popping up at the moment. We are so lucky at papier mache to have some amazing stylists that help us each issue like Katelyn Mooney and we were joined for this issue by Violaine Belle Croix (former editor of Milk).

3.  The images, photography and styling have such a definitive voice.   Tell us about your amazing contributers,  Alexandrena Parker , Benoit Musereau, Anna Moller, Aela Labbe , Monika Elena , Sally Shand.

Again we are blessed with an amazing group of contributors. We are constantly blown away by some of the artists who we find or who have contacted us along the way.

We really look for a certain humbleness when we are deciding on what to publish. Like Aela and Anna for example the images they produce are unique and inviting. You feel like you are not a stranger to their world. I like the idea that some moments are gently captured and celebrated.  Monika is well known in the children’s industry and a powerhouse of ideas!  She constantly has so much going on and is a romantic – just like us.  Sally has just moved from New Zealand to Australia to join us as papier mache illustrator. We are so excited!

4.   I am a true believer that Australian design in the children’s market is the huge, emerging global BOOM!-  Tell us some of your favorite Australian brands, and why you think this boom is happening at this moment.

I am happy to hear you have so much spirit for the Aussies!

We are so far away from Europe and the US so I guess it’s really important to have our own voice. We live so antipodean, its an amazing life, very relaxed.  Maybe that is the appeal?

I love paper wings.  They are good friends and I really appreciate their aesthetic. I love EVERYTHING about Kutie Protocol.  Minti have just launched a rocking Winter 11, I love it!  For the European touch Virgine from mamapapa keeps me happy!

5. Who is Beck Marshall?   How did you start Papier Mache and what does the future hold?

Funny because I am crazily loud in my own world and super shy when it comes to anything else, such as promoting myself and papier mache.

I have been in this industry for over 16 years (crazy..It makes me feel so old!!)  Long before the boom when you bought your onesie from Mothercare and a pram was a pram.

I worked most recently in children’s mags here in Australia before breaking away and convincing my best friend and her husband over dinner one night to come and play with me in the digital world.  Alice is in the fine arts and Paul a graphic designer.  It took us a year to actually bring it to life with other commitments – launching in May 2009.  I guess we saw it as a unique platform, a way to reach a global readership.

When we started Small was the only mag out there digitally, then LMNOP.  I love the 2 of these publications.  I was not afraid of launching papier mache amongst it as I felt we each had our own style and I think that has remained very true.

We love doing papier mache online but we couldn’t quite break the need to see it in print one day, hence print issue #1.

The future…Well we are still learning everyday…we would love keep growing as we are.

Fingers crossed!

australians do it better

I am having a very serious, swooning, heart-melting love affair with all things Australian right now (have you noticed?)

One of the most awesome children’s publications on the planet happens to also be of the Oz-born.

Do yourself a huge favor and trip on over to the the just released Issue 5 of Papier Mache Magazine.

Papier Mache Issue 5, you are everything I ever dreamt you would be, but more.

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