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the future

Dress / Little Pomme

Photo Credit /Alvin Harirahardjo

Location /  Ubud, Bali.

energy star

Dress / Little Pomme

Photo Credit / Alvin Harirahardjo

sisters are doin’ it for themselves

I am all about supporting my sisters!

All around the world, women are taking charge of their lives and opening up small businesses.

One such lady is Cynthia Tedjokusumo and her mother-in-law.  They own and operate a little children’s boutique called Little Pomme in Jakarta, Indonesia.    They design all the outfits, create their own patterns, hunt the fabric in Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, then the outfits are handcrafted in their little workshop.  All the clothes are fully lined & made from high quality cotton & linen. The designs are simple, easy to slip on, and very comfortable to wear.

It always surprises us when we get letters and emails from around the globe, but  we are certainly very  proud to reach such a broad, diverse, and awesome audience!
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