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you’re unbelievable

Vest / Gap

Shirt / Zara

Jeans / Gap

Boots / Old Navy

Photo Credit / Andrew S. Adler shot on location at Storm King


spring awakening

We are huge believers that you do not need to spend a ton of money to achieve a high level of style.

Style is innate and you can play around with a mix of high and low, designer and vintage.

Case in point, this awesome Spring outfit.

Shirt/ Cherokee @ Target ($8.00)

Skirt / Circo @ Target ($4.50)

Shoes / Zara ($27.00)

First day of Spring……….P R I C E L E S S

Photo Credit / Planet Awesome Kid



Sweatshirt Jacket / jnby by JNBY available exclusively in the NYC store.

Shoes / Jacadi

Onesie/ Gap Baby

Jeans / Zara

Photo Credit / Diane Vasil

junior mafia


The Junior has her own blog, thank you very much!   Chic Baby Universe!

Pants / Zara

Bodysuit / Bu & The Duck

T-shirt / Toica Stefan

Photo Credit / Helena Schutz



consistently amazing

Spring / Summer 11 Zara


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