What if our kids told us one day that they want to be an influencer?


What if our children told us one day that they want to become a web star or work on social media?

The answer to this question is not easy: first we should first of all think about the digital world objectively and with as little prejudice as possible. The evolution of society also takes place through digital, so much so that today we can speak of digital culture as such, and no more than a simple phenomenon.

Culture is part of every society and as often happens, or should happen, societies evolve, social and economic models change.

Digital has changed our society and it has changed us too

  • We who buy online, and sometimes we choose to do so for convenience and speed.
  • We send and receive money through applications that we install on our smartphones or playing online game like aus online pokies.
  • We who work with a data connection and an internet line at home.
  • We who have a smartphone for each family member, we all have at least one social account, we use gps, navigators and Google maps.

The way we live is deeply linked to this new digital culture, which affects our lives. The same is true for our children. Unlike us (if you are a young parent), our children were born into this culture. They are used from birth to reconcile life online and offline, to use digital technology to connect with others, learn and have fun. Inquire and study.

In this article we talked about new social and economic models. These new social and economic models have inevitably led to the birth of new professions, new actors who, through digital media, have the role of influencers, disseminators, promoters.

And so, if we as children dreamed of a career as a dancer, actor, or astronaut, our children dream of becoming an influencer, blogger, youtuber or tik toker. As adults we find it hard to take these professions seriously, because often what we see on Instagram or YouTube is pure entertainment, sometimes even very adolescent or culturally weak. We find some influence pass time in online by playing craps en ligne.

But above all, digital works seem too easy to us, an illusion.

What we don’t know, and we struggle to understand as adults, is that the ability of a web star goes beyond a few photos showing a good life. Skills, charisma, entrepreneurial spirit and – in short – the same qualities that we do not find it hard to recognize to any businesswoman or entrepreneur are needed.

There are different ways of being on the web, and it is not certain that those who have the power and the ability to influence the minds of others do it in a negative way.

We must begin to think that digital is not the absolute evil, and that in the future new professionals will be born who will work on the web or will require a deep knowledge of it.