The first Christmas for your child

Children are the main protagonists of the holidays. The lights, gifts, meals ?? all their attention. With a year are too young to fully understand Christmas, but not to enjoy it. Discover how to make this time a happy experience for your child without overwhelm him.


For these days be stored in the unconscious memory of the child as a pleasant memory, parents should find a way to combine the celebrations of Christmas family with respect to the rhythms of a one year old . It is too small!
Children are less flexible than adults and have our adaptability. So you should take some precautions.
Where to celebrate Christmas with a one year old child ?

It is preferable that Christmas celebrations are made in our house , so the child does not lose sight of their usual environment that gives security. With a year, infants and miss their environment. If the family tradition requires holding dinners at home of grandparents or uncles should look for a site that may be on the floor near the couch, where sit you with a bag of toys new or has not seen a while ago, so it is entertaining.

These chances are good family contact for the socialization of the child , but not be heavy with the “kissing” and “salutes” . It can be affectionate without continuous hugs; do not expect that such young children to behave like perfect citizens.

You have to clear the place of potential hazards . If you are in a strange house, must prevent our hosts. A child of a year is spent on patrol in search of novelties. Beware of objects and foods that may cause choking (sweets, small pieces of the crib …), with the tops of alcohol, with lit candles, with holly and mistletoe (are toxic), with some Christmas decorations (balls Glass). Should place the Christmas tree out of reach.

How to organize dinners, sleep …

The adult meals on these dates (lamb, shortbread, nougat) are not the most appropriate for such a small child. If you fancy trying something (that happen especially sweets) can give wisely and in small quantities. If we are to dine late, often giving them their dinner fit them before, so that their schedules are not out of adjustment and we can dine calmer afterwards.

If our child has to go to bed later than usual, a good nap can give rope to staying up . Some children tolerate badly altered their schedules and be awake at the wrong time may make them irritable and whiny. In that case you must arrange for, even away from home, in a quiet room acostarles surrounded by things that give them security (his teddy, pajamas, his blanket, song or story goodnight …) .

If then we we will take home to continue sleeping, it may be desirable to wake him. Some children are distressed and disoriented when they wake up in a different place to the one in which they slept.

Parents should be understanding
Alterations in sleep routines your child can affect their diurnal behavior and make you more irritable and moody. It’s okay to alter a few days, provided that the end of the holidays we recover the usual habits and schedules. But we have to be sympathetic to the p equeños mismatches that may occur in their behavior .
The next day a movidita night may allow the child to sleep for another hour , but not much more, because the next night will cost asleep at the usual time and a vicious cycle occurs.

The Magi and Santa Claus, seen by a baby (almost)
Parents, Santa Claus and the Magi seem very friendly and friends of children per or children a year may find it too impressive , with their beards and robes. If we want our child to take a picture with one of these characters, do not we launch him into his arms abruptly.

Let’s start with you can observe from a safe distance how do other children, and then slowly draw near .If you are afraid, mantengámosle a cautious distance. We can now take the child to witness the Three Kings ; for it will be an exceptional experience and enjoy a lot watching her face in astonishment. However, seek to avoid waiting or strenuous hikes since a year children do not have much stamina.