Six Tips on Preparing for a New Kitten


Bringing a cuddly, purring bundle of kitty joy into your home is always an exciting experience, whether you’re getting a pet for the very first time or expanding a growing family of pets. When getting a kitten, it’s important to be aware that your new fur baby will be completely reliant upon you to help make the transition from his mom or the animal shelter to this new and strange place. Making sure that your new kitten is safe, happy and content is the responsibility of everybody in the household.
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3 Tips for Becoming a Parentrepreneur

There are a growing number of new parents who are also new entrepreneurs; both tasks are incredibly demanding, both will change you fundamentally as a person, and at times both will seem impossible whilst taking up all your free time; but both will be worth it, if all goes to plan.

  1. Be Passionate

These projects are going to give you more sleepless nights than you accounted for, and are going to demand motivation that you didn’t know existed within you. Embrace it – there’s no other way. Acknowledge that it is going to be difficult, then carry on.

When you have a child, the motivation comes from the importance of keeping the child healthy, but also the joy. It needs to be the same with your business – you need to love it, to have a passion for it that surprises even you. This will necessitate and produce motivation at the same time. Make your product something close to your heart, something you know about and always have, because if your business isn’t a part of you, like your child is, then it’ll fall by the wayside.

  1. Accept Help

You’re going to be busy, which means you’re going to need more help than you’re going to get. Therefore, when you’re offered help, take it. It could be that your child wants to help licking and sticking envelopes or a grandparent is offering free childcare, or even that you and another local business is able to offer mutual support.

Childcare is particularly important if you don’t want to miss out on networking opportunities. Between six and eight pm, when your child needs to be fed and put to bed, you’re likely to miss out on important events. Rely on your family when you can and, when you can’t, try to find a way around it.

You could talk to other parentpreneurs who would benefit from organizing child-friendly networking events. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there is a wealth of helpful companies you can access online to help a start-up with funding, materials or ideas. For example, you can turn to to increase your funding options. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that there’re many other parentpreneurs out there, and you can access forums and support groups run by people in a similar situation to yourself.

  1. Have Your Cake and Eat It

You’re going to be split in two. You’ll be lucky to find a single moment where there isn’t something else you could be doing, perhaps even something more urgent than the fire you’re currently putting out. As your commitments and obligations stack up, you’ll come across more and more that simply can’t be missed out on. It may be that you have the youngest one on your lap as you talk your strategy through with your newest client, or that you have a phone to your ear throughout the whole of parents evening.

For the first few years you’re going to face conflicting responsibilities, and sometimes there’re no easy answers, but it can help to know that it isn’t always a case of making a difficult decision – sometimes you’ll find you can perform miracles when it comes to fitting things in.


Advantages of Hiring Catering Services for Corporate Events


Corporate catering is an important aspect of any corporate event. It is an aspect where you would not want something to go wrong such as a poor food menu or to serve bad food. Different studies indicate that most guests look forward to having an excellent meal at these events. Hence, you should not disappoint them. A principal way of ensuring this is by hiring experienced catering services such as Flavours Catering and they come with other additional benefits.
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How to Baby Proof Everything Electrical

Baby Proof

If you have a baby at home, keeping electrical outlets within their reach can turn out to be quite dangerous. You can’t possibly run around the whole time trying to keep them away from electrical outlets. But, even a moment’s neglect can lead to nasty outcomes. What should you do?

Here are some simple measures you can take to keep your baby safe from the dangers of exposed electrical units and appliances.
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3 Holidays for Young Children – How to Avoid Tears and Tantrums

young children

The Beach Break

Children can have a great time at the beach, and they enjoy the different sensations: the sun, the sea, and the sand. However, there’s the walk from the accommodation to the beach, which can tire out little legs. Also, the quick stop for snacks on the way can become a bigger chore than you bargained for, as you find yourself reprimanding your little one while embarrassed shoppers squeeze past you with their angelic children staring at your teary-eyed monsters as though they’re a different species.
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How to Keep Your Kids Happy When Renting a Cabin

family vacation

Renting a cabin for your next family vacation is a great way to have fun together. Cabins provide all the comfort of home with all the fun of camping. Many of the cabins that you see today come with luxuries like fully equipped kitchens with refrigerators and other appliances as well as central AC and heat. Though you might imagine your kids playing in the woods or swimming in the lake all day long, you need to find some ways to keep them happy during your stay.
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How Garages in US Have Changed Over the Years


With more than 70 million garages in the United States, these spaces are no longer an architectural “add-on.” Garages have emerged as a necessity for homeowners, considering they make a significant contribution to the selling price of the house. This is especially true when this space is well equipped with organizational features like shelves, workbenches and closets, bins, pull-out drawers, baskets, cabinets, wall hooks for hanging up garden tools, etc., while still being able to house the required number of cars. Other than the organization system, attention needs to be paid to the walls, ceiling, floor and, most importantly, the garage door.

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3 Tips for Avoiding Pests in Your Home

ladybugNobody likes having pests in their home, but the need to keep them out becomes even greater when you have children. Along with being annoying and irritable, many pests are also very unhygienic, creating a dirty home setting that simply isn’t ideal for any family. In addition, pests such as termites, which eat through wood, can be very damaging to the structure of your home and can even make it dangerous to live in over time. Whether you’re moving into a new family home or want to ensure that your current house is as well protected from pest infestations as possible, here are our top tips on keeping them away. Continue reading →