Educational Options for High School-Aged Children


When you have younger children at home, it’s easier for you to have some measure of control over their education. That begins to change when they enter middle school, and by high-school many students want to exert a little more control as they transition to young adulthood. It’s still imperative for parents to remain engaged and help steer their older children toward making good choices concerning their future. Among the decisions is whether or not they will attend college and how best to prepare them for the experience. Do you enroll them in public school or private? Is it better to home school at that age or look into college preparatory schools like Landon School?
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How to Survive a Home Remodelling Project with Kids Around


A home remodelling project can bring that fresh new look and ambience to your property. It is an exciting thing to plan and execute, especially since you can do so much with the options available today. Sometimes, the remodelling project is also a necessity, such as when you need to fix broken windows or replace existing ones with a better, more energy-efficient alternative.
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Easter Activities 2017 – Keeping Kids Happy and Safe


With just a short time to go before the kids are out for the Easter holiday, parents in London as well as elsewhere around the country are looking for things to do with the kids to keep them entertained. It isn’t likely that you’ll get time off work for the duration of the school holiday, so if you have older kids who are well able to care for themselves in the daytime, you will also want to see to their safety while mum and dad are at work. Here are a few suggestions to make the Easter holiday of 2017 a happy and safe one for the entire family. Continue reading →

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Preparing For A Memorable Trip To Italy

florence italy

With all of the many paintings, books, movies, songs, and more that have been based on the country of Italy through the generations, it should not be surprising that it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you have the great fortune to have scheduled a tour of this country rich in history and tradition, you will want to prepare for the trip of a lifetime. In order to get yourself in the mood, and to provide some practical suggestions to make the most of your time in this part of the Europe, consider the following ideas as you get ready for Italy trips.
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Top Tips for College Study as a Parent


Studying can be a very stressful experience, and many individuals at college often find that they need to make some large adjustments to their schedule in order to fit their new educational commitments around their lives. This is especially so in the case of parents, who are returning to higher education more often than ever before. Studying counselling for substance abuse and similar degree programs can be significantly draining on students, which is why parents can often find juggling family life and academics difficult. We’ve put together some top tips to help parents succeed at college. Continue reading →

Clearing the Car Seat Confusion: Protect Your Baby by Avoiding the Top Installation Mistakes


With so many different car seats available these days that tailor to specific age groups, it’s no secret that the world of car seats can be confusing and complex for many parents. However, with statistics showing the number of road accidents to be on the rise in Canada, installing your baby’s car seat properly is essential to avoid disaster should an accident occur.

So, if you’ve recently purchased a car seat for your child and aren’t 100% sure of the best installation method, below you’ll discover some of the top mistakes parents make and how to avoid them for the safety of your baby.

Seat not secure enough in the car

Once you’ve installed your new seat, check its movement. Experts say if you’re able to move the seat more than an inch in any direction, it’s not secure enough and could even crash forward into the back seat if the vehicle were to suddenly stop or crash. To ensure the seat is as fully secure, place all your weight on it by using your knee for leverage, which will tighten the adjoining seatbelt as much as possible.

When shopping for a new car seat, it’s essential to analyze the size of your vehicle first to establish which size seat will be best. If you own a large vehicle of similar shape to the Chrysler Pacifica, you’re likely to have a lot more versatility regarding which seat will securely fit. If you own a much smaller vehicle, you might have to do a bit more research into what’s suitable.

Turning the seat face-forward too soon

All infant car seats are rear-facing for a reason. During the first two years of a child’s life, the delicate bones that protect the spinal cord are still developing. If a road collision was to unfortunately occur with your baby facing forward, their head would likely lurch forwards causing the spine to ‘burst’ and expose their spinal cord. This is extremely dangerous and can even cause death in severe cases.

It’s extremely simple to prevent this from happening – don’t put your baby in a front-facing position until after they’ve turned two. This will give your baby the best possible chance of safety if an accident were to happen.

Straps/harness too loose

Every car seat comes accompanied with straps or a harness to keep your baby securely in place; it’s how you tighten them that determine how safe your baby will be. If you can still fold the strap’s fabric in half with your fingers after adjusting them, they aren’t tight enough.

A baby who’s loosely strapped in can be ejected out of the seat during a collision, causing potentially serious injuries. When strapping your baby in, tighten the harness as much as you possibly can without causing discomfort to the child.

As long as you’re careful with the entire installation process of your car seat and strapping your baby in, you can rest assured that you’re putting your child in the best possible safety for any road trip you may take!

Rachel Bryant is a Mommy who is enjoying some extended maternity leave as she bonds with baby. She’s enjoying tapping out some parenting articles when time allows.

Human Appeal teams up with Citizens UK for ‘listening campaign’


Human Appeal, an international charity that delivers aid and development programmes to help transform the lives of those in need around the world, have teamed up with Citizens UK for a new ‘listening campaign’. Working with Citizens UK’s Manchester chapter, which is known as Greater Manchester Citizens to promote social action and effective change throughout the city.

The campaign is intended to provide a forum for a diverse group of local residents and workers to discuss their insights and issues.

First meeting heralded ‘a success’

Human Appeal UK stated that the first meeting of the campaign had been “a success”. It noted that a group of residents gathered to take part in what was described as a “lively discussion” on issues ranging from transport integration to safety problems such as drug crime, burglary and antisocial behaviour. Cuts to the NHS in Manchester were also discussed, along with a shortage of easily accessible and affordable childcare. The key issues were identified during a series of group discussions and personal testimonials.

According to Human Appeal, the event demonstrated local people’s commitment to getting involved in social action within their communities.

The next steps

The organisation went on to reveal that steps are already being taken to engage with the issues that were put under the spotlight in the meeting, adding that a second event was planned for the coming weeks. It also revealed that the findings of the meeting will be put before the candidates running for the position of mayor of Greater Manchester. This will happen at the Greater Manchester Citizen’s Mayoral Assembly, which is scheduled to take place on 1 May.

Commenting on the significance of the initial meeting in its campaign with Citizens UK, Human Appeal described it as “an important step” in enhancing the power of the citizens of Stockport and the Greater Manchester area. The charity added that it intends to continue its work to ensure that the issues local people face are presented during the Citizens Assembly and beyond.

This listening campaign is just one of many UK projects that Human Appeal is involved in. The organisation runs initiatives spanning a wide range of areas, such as emergency flood relief, education and training and domestic abuse. This is all part of the charity’s aim to create positive social change and help to tackle social discrimination around the country among people of all beliefs and faiths.