4 Ways You Can Be a Better Dog Owner

As a pet owner, you want to give your animal the best life possible. While we all might like to believe that wanting to be a good pet owner is as effective as being a good pet owner, it’s unfortunately not the case.  

It’s easy to make mistakes and not realize that we could be doing more for our pets. Unfortunately, some mistakes are bigger than others, and may ultimately end with hurting your pet.  

If you’re ready to learn how to make your relationship with your pets as solid as possible, then take a look at these tips. 

dog owner

Provide a Healthy Diet

Your dog depends on you for their nutritional needs. Diet is an important part of their health. Whether you’re buying them snacks or bags of food, it should be made of quality ingredients.  

Why settle for cheap food that will offer them the least amount of nutrients? Instead, opt for high quality that’s made for your dog’s specific dietary needs. If you want to really go above and beyond, you can consider making their food yourself. A combination of veggies, meat, and grains can make an affordable and nutritionally ideal meal for your pet.

Your pet’s life is directly affected by the quality of the food you provide your pooch with. Make it good!

Vaccinate Them

One of the basics of responsible dog parenthood is staying up to date with vaccinations. Your dog needs vaccinations to stay protected from all sorts of diseases. A simple visit to the vet can ensure your dog stays free of illness, which could otherwise be fatal.  

Some people stall on doing this because of the price. However, if you’re not ready to pay the costs involved with owning a pet, then it’s time to consider whether you’re not suited to own one. 

Train Them

Training your dog isn’t only for your benefit; it’s also for theirs. Dogs may not have the best habits by nature. It’s up to you to show them how to socialize successfully with other dogs and keep their cool around other humans.

A well-trained dog is less anxious, more physically stimulated, and happier overall. If you’re not sure how the basics of dog training work, then consider signing your dog up for an obedience class.

Dog-Proof Your House

It’s vital that your dog stays protected from getting into any dangerous chemicals or materials that could harm him. It’s crucial that you dog-proof your home so that they can’t eat or swallow anything they shouldn’t.

Dogs are naturally curious, so it’s important to protect them by keeping them away from situations and materials that could be potentially threatening to their life.

How Motherhood Affects Your Health

Beyond changing your life emotionally, motherhood can also change your health. The changes you will experience are not exclusive to the nine months that you carry the baby. In fact, the health changes that motherhood brings can remain for years down the road, and in some cases, even life.

If you’re a new mother and interested in learning what changes to anticipate in your body, take a look at some of the most common.


Increased Risk Of Obesity

Although it’s recommended for women to gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, some women end up gaining much more. As a result, they carry excess weight around post-baby.  Although some women turn to procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks after birth, they may still have trouble achieving their pre-pregnancy shape. 

In addition to excess pregnancy weight lingering, they also experience lifestyle changes that can alter their metabolism. Young babies require a lot of time at home, which requires less movement. This is especially true if you are breastfeeding.

Although breastfeeding burns 300-500 calories a day, it also requires a considerable amount of sitting down. Therefore, many women experience a substantial dip in their ability to burn off food.

Lower Chances of Developing Cancer

Believe it or not, pregnancy lowers your chances of getting ovarian cancer. Audra E. Timmons, an OBGYN at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women in Houston, explains, “On a molecular level, each time ovulation occurs, the ovary undergoes repair. Shutting down ovulation decreases the number of times the ovaries are trying to repair their capsules, thus decreasing the opportunity for genetic ‘accidents’ to occur that could lead to cancer.” 

Increased Brain Activity

When you give birth, you may think only your heart grows. However, studies show that in addition to an emotional response, you also experience a brain boost.

When mothers give birth, brain scans show that mothers are so focused on taking care of their babies that they show a significant increase in brain activity.

Improved Endometriosis Symptoms

Women who have struggled in the past with endometriosis may find that their condition improves after giving birth. When there is a decrease in estrogen, endometriosis symptoms tend to improve.

Therefore, having children will not only decrease your chances of developing ovarian cancer but may also guard against endometriosis. 

Increased Risk of Incontinence

Unfortunately, wee problems are common for mothers following birth. The stress on the vagina during a traditional delivery causes women to have issues holding their pee in.

For many women, all it takes is a few coughs for an accident to happen. Unfortunately, women who have cesareans are not immune to incontinence either. The good news is that there are surgeries available that may help ease incontinence issues. If you develop a particularly bad case, you may want to discuss your options with your doctor.

5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Child-Friendly

When you are a parent, whether you are seasoned or new to the whole thing, the safety of your children always comes first before anything else. It is impossible to shield them from all the possible dangers in the outside world, but it is possible to protect them within your own home.There are lots of elements to a home that are potentially dangerous to young children, but most people don’t consider them because they simply don’t cross their minds, and this can be a risk.


To make your home as child-friendly as possible, you have to be prepared and make changes where need be.

1.    Comfortable Furniture

Everyone wants comfortable furniture, but most of all, children want them. When they are especially young, they’re sensitive to everything. An uncomfortable sofa is an unfamiliar sensation and could be enough to make them feel awkward or even upset. Soft cushions and sofas are the way to go. Investing in a pouf or ottoman may also be something to think about, as they’re much easier for children to climb onto!

2.   Deep Clean the Carpet

Carpets can harbor some nasty and dangerous germs if they aren’t cleaned properly, and kids can be particularly susceptible to them. Have your carpets professionally cleaned by carpet cleaners Wandsworth to remove any dirt or germs that pose a potential threat to children if they come in contact with them.Children are prime mess creators, so you will have to do a deep clean to rid the carpet of anybacteria they’ve brought in.

3.   Remove Small Ornaments

Children like to pick up everything. If you have small ornaments that could be a choking hazard, it’s best to put them completely out of reach. Even if you hide them or put them higher than you think the children can reach, if they can, they’ll climb to what they want. It’s best to remove them from the room completely for the time being.

4.   No Sharp Corners

Kids will run around at any speed they like without a care for what’s around them, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t run into anything that could harm them. If you need a coffee table or storage space, make sure the corners are rounded. This way, if they do run into the furniture, it won’t hurt nearly as much as it would if they had sharp corners.

5.   Toy Storage Area

Toys get everywhere. It’s a fact of life. To keep your living room clutter-free, and therefore safer, make sure you have boxes or crates to store the toys in after playtime is over. It will also save time transferring them from your child’s bedroom to the living room every time they want to play in there. As a bonus, you can teach them some responsibility by having them put away their own toys. Childhood is about exploring, and getting hurt sometimes is a part of that, but your home should be a place of complete safety for your child.

5 Top Tips for Coping with a Fussy Eater

Having a child who is a fussy eater can be extremely frustrating; whether they have been particular when it comes to their food since day one of weaning, or they have suddenly developed an aversion to all foods that are not chicken nuggets or pizza, knowing how to overcome this can be tricky. Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to gradually reintroduce, or even introduce for the first time your child to different types of foods that they need to be healthy and thrive.


Starting with . . .

1.   Not Making A Fuss

Making your child’s mealtimes into a big song and dance in a desperate attempt to get them to try new foods or eat their dinner is a sure-fire way for them to start refusing food altogether.Instead, remain calm and in control and do not pressurize your child to eat something if they don’t want to. For younger children, it can also be helpful not to get worked up about any mess that they make when experimenting with food; baby weaning can be messy, but you can always hire rug cleaners to remove stains from your floor coverings.

2.   Ensure Your Child Is Hungry at Mealtimes

An easy mistake to make is offering your child too many snacks close to mealtime,which can result in them refusing to try new foods. Why? A hungry child is more likely to eat what you put in front of them, rather than a child who is just mildly peckish. Plus, if your child knows they are likely to be given a snack later in the evening, they will be less inclined to eat at dinner, safe in the knowledge that they won’t go hungry.

3.   Make Food Fun for Your Child

If eating seems like a chore, then your child is not going to look forward to mealtimes, so try to make food as fun as possible.This could include something simple, like making a smiley face out of raw vegetables, or making some tasty fruit kebabs for your child to enjoy. It is also important to involve your child in the food preparation process; you just need to ensure that the tasks you give your child are age-appropriate.

4.   Be Consistent in Offering New Foods

Although it is advised not to bombard your child with a whole plate of unknown foods, it is recommended to consistently offer at least one new food at each mealtime, so your child can experience a wide range of flavors and textures.Do not worry if they only take one bite of the new food; they have tried it, and that is what counts. Try to remember that it can take at least 6 weeks for a new habit to be built, so try not to feel disheartened if your child continuously refuses a particular food.

5.   Accept That There Will Be Certain Foods They Don’t Like

Just like adults do not like all foods, neither do children. You may become fixated on your child eating avocado, and yes, this fruit is nutritiously amazing (although high in fat), but if your child simply doesn’t like the taste or texture, then there is very little you can do to convince them otherwise.In other words, pick your battles. If your child is making progress and trying new foods, take that as a win. Do not become preoccupied with one specific ingredient.

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5 Signs You’re A Good Homeowner

If you’re like most homeowners, you strive to make the most of your humble abode.  You want to be a good homeowner, and you want to get as many years as possible out of the structure.  

Even if you plan to sell your home, you want prospective buyers to know that you’ve taken good care of the property.  Take a few minutes to look over a few clear signs that you’re a good homeowner, and take a personal inventory today.  

clean home

Your home has excellent curb appeal 

A home with a well managed yard and exterior will always make a good impression on the neighbors.  Keep your yard trimmed and fertilized.  

Plant a few trees, and spend time creating a cozy outdoor space for recreation.  Show that you take pride in your home, and when it’s time to sell the property, you’ll make a good impression on prospective buyers.  

Your home is pest free throughout 

No one enjoys living with bugs, and that is why they are referred to as “pests.”  Maintaining a home that is free of common household pests shows that you take pride in the comfort of your home.  

It’s not only a healthy thing to keep pests under control in your home, it is also beneficial to your pets.  When fleas get out of control in your home, it can be difficult to protect your pets and yourself from irritating bites. 

Your home has efficient windows and doors

If you really pay attention to the well-being of your house, then you’ll make certain that your windows and doors are not a major drag on the energy efficiency of your home.  

You will lower your energy bills and impress prospective buyers (in the future) by installing high quality windows and doors in your home.  

The work done on your home is not shoddy

There’s no doubt that you’ll have to have some work done on your home while you own it, and it’s important that you don’t just bandaid every issue that arises.  Bandaid quality work can lead to much bigger problems, and it doesn’t actually fix the issue.  

Pay the extra money to have repairs and improvements on your home done right.  You’ll recoup your investment in peaceful years. You will also boost your home’s equity, making quality improvements profitable in the long run.  

The HVAC unit is well-kempt 

You know you’re a great homeowner when your HVAC unit is regularly serviced.  Not many people truly understand how to properly maintain their heating and air unit.  

It pays to do the research and learn how to care for your HVAC unit.  You’ll also sit more comfortably in your home if your unit is functioning at top efficiency.

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4 Reasons Your Eyes May Be Burning

A burning or stinging sensation in your eyes is never a good sign. Unfortunately, it happens to some people more often than they’d like. When your eyes feel like they’re on fire, it can be challenging to focus on anything other than your discomfort.  

burn eye

No matter how many times you apply eye drops, you can’t seem to solve the problem. The frustration of not knowing what’s causing your burning eyes can be distressing. The truth is that there are many different reasons why your eyes may be bothering you. Here are some of the most common that you may want to consider. 

Overexposure To The Sun

Not only can your skin get a sunburn, but your eyes too. Too much exposure to UV rays can result in a condition known as photokeratitis. Symptoms include a burning sensation followed by a variety of other issues, including temporary loss of vision.

It’s imperative that if you’re outside in sunny conditions that you protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and never looking at the sun. The same goes for people who frequent artificial tanning booths: always wear protective eyewear.


Your eyes are one of the first things to tell you when you’re allergic to something. When allergens enter your eye, your body has an adverse reaction resulting in an immune response. In turn, you may find yourself with itchy, red, or burning eyes.

If you have an idea of what you think you may be having an adverse reaction to, then you should avoid being around whatever that is. However, if you’re not sure, then you should consider getting an allergy test done.

Makeup / Beauty Products

Although a lot of products are marketed for use on your body, they aren’t exactly good for your eyes. Sometimes makeup or creams may enter your eyes, resulting in a super uncomfortable reaction. It’s important to always read the warning labels in case a beauty product warns to keep far from eyes. 

If your eyes started stinging recently and you’ve just started using a new product, discontinue use immediately and see if things clear up. 

Dry Eye

When your eyes can’t stay wet on their own, you have a condition known as dry eye. A lack of tears results in a parched sensation coupled with burning. As a result, your eyes feel like they’re burning and appear red.

You may even have a sensitivity to light, which makes working at a computer or even going outside difficult. If you suspect that you’re symptoms line up to being dry eye, then you should visit your doctor. He’ll be able to determine whether this is likely what you’re dealing with and provide you with treatment.

Five Tips to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis for Kids

Are you struggling to get the kids outdoors and ensure they get enough fresh air each day? Does it feel like you practically have to push them out the door and bribe them to stay outside? If so, it may just be that your backyard is in desperate need of a makeover. Providing kids with a safe, outdoor space to play in is obviously a priority, but there also need to be aspects about the yard that are engaging and fun and will lure them out there in the first place.

Here we’ll look at five tips you can use to help you create that perfect backyard oasis for the kids and eliminate the fight to get them outdoors in the first place.


Install a Swing Set or Playground Equipment

If your child is the type that loves going to the park, then creating that same atmosphere in your backyard makes sense. Installing a swing set or other types of playground equipment can draw them out of the house and encourage them to be active outdoors. Not only that, but it’s a great activity to do with friends when they are over for a play date.

Make Use of a Sand Feature

For the imaginative kids out there who love building, a sand feature could be an excellent option. This provides them with a chance to tap into their creativity and build unique items in the sand. Plus, it can also be enjoyed solo or with friends.

Create a Flat Hard Surface for Basketball

Maybe you are past the stage of toddlers, and your kids are getting a little older. If that’s the case, then it may make more sense to create a flat hard surface that is perfect for basketball. There is no need to install a basketball net into the ground. Instead, you could invest in one of the portable ones on wheels so you have the flexibility to move it around.

Other great sport options for the backyard that can instead be played on the grass include soccer, badminton, croquet, bocce ball, and softball.

Ensure There is Ample Shade with Seating

The last thing you want to do is send the kids out into the blazing sun without a speck of shade for protection. Creating a seating area that is comfortable and inviting will allow them to relax outdoors, and you can ensure that there is shade in that area. You can create shade through greenery, shrubs, and trees if they are big enough. Alternately, install an awning on the house, or use patio umbrellas.

Extend the Use of the Backyard and Install Exterior Lighting

Why not extend the use of the space and install some exterior lighting? This will allow them to stay outdoors a little longer to enjoy the fresh air. Purchasing focus landscape lighting for garden features, playground equipment, and designated areas of the backyard will make an inviting and well-lit space.

A Backyard Kids will Be Begging to Enjoy

Through these tips, you’ll be able to create that backyard oasis that your kids will be begging to enjoy, thereby getting them out of the house with no fuss at all.

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4 Fun Ways to Create Lasting Family Memories This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, everyone’s thinking of how they’re going to have get-togethers and good times with the family. While giving the best gift you can think of is always going to be a part of the game, perhaps even more important are the memories that you create in your interactions with others during these sentimental times. With that said, here are four ways you can create wonderful memories with your loved ones this holiday season:

family photo

1. Create a Family Photo Gallery

Putting together a well-rounded photo album of your family is a great way to solidify your most memorable moments during the holidays. Family photos are passed down for generations and provide a lasting reminder of what things were like in a different time as you go through life. While you could just snap a few pictures with your smartphone camera, you’ll wind up a with a much more commemorative result if you use the services of a professional photographer instead. This option is perfect for the holidays because you don’t want to be spending your time curating, editing, printing, and organizing photos into an album during a time when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.

2. Go on a Road Trip

Traveling is one of the best ways to create lasting memories because you’re seeing and experiencing new places in real life, as opposed to watching the world go by on television. There’s always a sense of adventure that comes with a journey out on the open road, and wherever there is adventure there will surely be memories created. Try to choose an itinerary that has you having plenty of fun along the way instead of a long and unpleasant drive straight to your destination.

3. Throw a Few Parties

Holiday parties are always memorable, but many families aren’t in the tradition of holding these events annually. If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed such a celebration, why not invite a bunch of people to your home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve parties?

4. Feasts and Festivities

Speaking of Thanksgiving, don’t forget that food is always a conduit to creating awesome memories. In fact, it is a well-known fact that “smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.” After all, who could forget the smell of a fresh apple or pumpkin pie emerging from the oven?

Making the Most Of It

You might have heard the saying that “the best moments don’t just happen, they’re made.” There are numerous variations of that wise adage, but the general gist is that you are in control of the memories you’re creating, so you should take steps to make those memories better. There’s a certain level of nostalgia that causes the holidays to be extremely memorable, whether you like it or not. Since you’ll only get to experience this year’s holiday season one time, you might as well try implementing the tips above to create the best possible experience for yourself and your family & friends.

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Four Ways to Help Your Child Excel in Primary School

Is your child nearing the age of starting primary school? Perhaps you’ve already reached this milestone in their life, and they are a couple years into the experience. As a parent, you want the first years of school to be ones that are filled with learning, fun, and positive experiences that they can use as their foundations moving forward. Unfortunately, not every child finds those first few years to be simple and positive, and at that point, it’s necessary for parents to take an active role, step in, and ensure that kids get the help they need.

child school

Here’s a look at fourways you can help your child excel in primary school and really get the most out of it.

Choose a School That Is Ideal for Their Needs and Personality

Firstly, the school itself is going to play a huge role in just how successful your child is and how positive their experience is. While there is nothing wrong with sending them to the designated school in your district, you may want to take a little extra time to look into other options to complement your child’s learning.

Take the Pre Uni College primary school tutoring centre, for example.This learning centre has been created with the goal of helping kids to excel when it comes to learning. Not only will your child get the support they need in the classroom, but parents will be provided with support, too, which is just as important.

Create a Homework Zone in the House

While your child isn’t likely to get much homework in those first couple of years, that will change as they progress through the years. Eventually, homework will be a regular thing, so it’s wise to start early and create a homework zone in the house. This area should be comfortable for kids, offer them enough room to sit and work at a desk, have all the supplies they need at their fingertips, be well lit, and be free of any distractions.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It’s also very important for parents to keep the lines of communication open so that your kid feels comfortable talking to you about any issues they may be having at school. There could be a problem understanding their studies, an issue with a teacher, or even with other students. But, the more comfortable your child feels talking to you, the easier it will be for you to identify red flags and address them when they pop up.

Encourage Them to Read Daily

Another tip is to encourage your child to read daily, even if it’s not assigned as homework. Reading is a skill that will take them far in life, so the faster they are able to master and feel comfortable with it, the easier school will become in general. If reading is something they have troubles with or don’t like doing, read with them and take turns reading pages or chapters. Each of these tips is designed to help you be more active in your child’s education and recognize little things that can help you both!

5 Fun Things to Do on a Family Break to London

If you are looking for a fun break away with the whole clan this year, you will not be disappointed with London. The city is filled with many free museums, historical attractions, superb stores, and fantastic restaurants, which will ensure you and your kids have a memorable time.

London breakfast

If you want to plan an action-packed itinerary that your children will love, here are five fun things to do on a family break to London.

1. Take a Stroll Through the Many Free Museums

Combine education and entertainment into one trip by exploring the many free museums dotted across the Big Smoke. For example, the kids can experience the sensation of an earthquake at the Natural History Museum, or they can view genuine Egyptian mummies at the popular British Museum. You also could help them to unleash their imagination and creativity by paying a visit to DiscoverChildren’s Story Centre.

2. Explore the City on a Hop On, Hop Off Bus

London is a rather large city to explore by foot. To save your children’s feet without missing out on the capital’s biggest and best attractions, you should book a hop on, hop off bus, so you can enjoy many fantastic attractions from the comfort of your seat and you can also jump on or off at one or more of the 60 stops to explore the cityat your leisure.

Some of the top attractions you could visit along the route can include:

  • HM Tower of London
  • The Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Trafalgar Square

3.Find the Best Family-Friendly Restaurants

It is wise to browse the different family-friendly restaurants across the city prior to your visit, so you will know the best stops to jump off at on a guided bus tour. For example, if you are visiting the London Eye or the London Dungeon, you should venture to Neds Noodle Bar on Belvedere Road to try some delicious noodle and rice boxes that are bursting with oriental flavor, which both adults and kids are sure to love.

4. Visit Farms and Zoos

If your children are big animal lovers, you will be spoilt for options when it comes to farms and zoos in London. For instance, they can get up close to tigers, lions, and penguins at ZSL London Zoo, while they will be able to meet meerkats and monkeys at Battersea Park’s Children’s Zoo. If, however, they want to learn about various marine life, visit SEA LIFE London Aquarium to view green sea turtles and sharks.

5. Book a West End Show

The West End offers some of the finest musicals and stage plays in the world, which are sure to trigger your child’s imagination. Allow them to immerse themselves in a whole new world by booking tickets to a superb family-friendly show, such as Disney’s The Lion King, Wicked or Billy Elliot. However, make sure to book in plenty of time to ensure you get the best seats in the house!