Having a pet

Having a pet

Most young children want one day or another, live animal for their parents, usually a dog or cat. Here are things to keep in mind before letting Rex or Kiki enter life of your child.

Benefits for child development

Young baby is tempted to follow the dog or cat in his travels: gross motor skills is so stimulated. It is the same language, when he wants to call him and talk to him.

The cat or dog can also replace the absent friend and become the playmate of your child, from 2 years. The child will enjoy shopping with his dog or his cat to run to catch a rope.

Having a pet

The child must learn to respect his companion. Unlike a stuffed animal, a live animal does not always want to play when the child wants. If he pulls the tail of the cat, it will make him quickly understand he does not like.

Similarly, his dog clearly indicate that he does not want to be disturbed when he eats. In difficult or happy times, the animal may become the main confidant of the child, to whom he will deliver as much as his sorrows joys.

From 5 years, the presence of an animal can allow you to address topics such as death or birth with your child.

Find his pet died, her goldfish for example, may be the child’s first contact with death. He will appreciate you propose him to put his fish into the ground during a small ceremony. Throw it in the toilet, as a vulgar dirt, would minimize the child’s sensitivity and deny the importance of this friend. As for the birth, your child will ask you maybe if you cut his umbilical cord … with your teeth as he saw the dog family to do it for her puppies!

Having a pet


While it can bring a lot to your child, a live animal is a reality that you need to consider permanently : you must feed it, take it out, brush it, bring it to the vet, do keep in a prolonged absence. We can treat it as a toy that we put aside when it interests us most. It becomes a new member of the family. Buy a pet presupposes a long term commitment.

On the occasion of Easter, it is better to offer a chick or a chocolate bunny or teddy rather than living. Besides, chicks and rabbits are not animals that can be kept longer, and they cannot perform the same functions as a dog or a cat.

Your child will promise you probably take care of the 100% animal, to convince you. Although young children can participate in the preparation of animal meals and help her dress (and they are very sincere in their promises), they cannot completely take responsibility. Care for one another, respect its commitments, its responsibilities are learning that develop at school age. A 9 or 10 years will do that, not a 4 or 5 years. Better to know before buying a pet.

Having a pet

What animal choose?

If you decide to accede to the request of your child, it is important to choose the animal with care. Some dogs do not like to stay home alone all day while their owners work. Others need more exercise and more space. A cat requires less care than a dog, but lets his hair on everything he touches. A parakeet or goldfish can be a happy compromise.

By analyzing your lifestyle and organization of your days, you can more easily determine the right pet for you and who will be the happiest home. Remember to also consider the financial issue, not only for the initial cost of the animal, but also for its food and veterinary visits, whether for vaccines or other treatments.

Despite your desire to please your child better think carefully before buying a pet. Such a decision does not take on a whim or on a favorite.