Give a memorable baptismal gift

In many religious traditions, one of the biggest rites of passage for a child is their baptism. For Christians, a child’s baptism symbolizes his acceptance into the Christian family and his official entry into the religion. During the ceremony, holy water is sprinkled or pour over the head of the child to rinse away the original sin. As it is a sign of the grace and love of God, baptism is a very important ritual.

Many families celebrate the baptism of their child by inviting friends and family around to share in the special experience. It is customary to bring gifts for the child, even though he or she is usually too young to appreciate the gifts in the moment. Religious gifts are popular, as are keepsake items such as pictures frames, religious figurines, plaques with sentimental sayings and keepsake boxes. Most traditional baptism gifts feature religious icons like crosses, angels or cherubs.

Other popular and meaningful choices that many people give to babies on the occasion of their baptism include a Holy Bible (often signed by the giver to the recipient), a tiny cross on a silver or gold chain, or a baby-sized ring bearing the child’s initial. Another commonly given gift is a set of rosary beads, often bearing a cross charm. In some very special cases, the child’s christening gown will be a gift from a special relative or passed down from one generation to the next.

If you want to give a gift that is something a little out of the ordinary and perhaps even just a little bit more special than these popular choices, there are countless options. You can turn just about anything into a personalized gift by adding custom engraving to the gift. Engrave the baby’s name and birth date on the item and you have instantly created a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured for years to come. A picture frame is a great choice for engraving, because you can not only give the frame as a personalized gift, you can also offer to take a special photo of the baby with mom and dad to put in the frame to commemorate the event. The result is a special one-of-a-kind gift that serve as the perfect memento of the day for years to come.

Another perfect option for a personalized and sentimental baptism gift is a personalized blanket or quilt for the baby’s room. If you are handy in sewing and/or needlepoint, you can make the blanket or quilt yourself and then embroider the name of the baby and the baptism date for a spectacular, individualized gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

Even people who aren’t typically the sentimental type will have to admit to loving heartfelt gifts such as those that are designed to commemorate a special milestone such as a child’s baptism. Knowing you took the time to find special baptism gifts Canada moms and dads will no doubt be touched by your thoughtfulness and love the gift even more. Companies such as Isabelle’s Dreams specialize in offering a vast array of gifts that will perfectly commemorate that special day.

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