Birthfather Support


My Adoption Agencies assists birthfathers that are looking for support or involvement with their birth children. Many birthfathers want to be active participants in the adoption planning agreement. These birthfathers understand that adoption is best for the baby and will provide any medical or social histories to adoptive parents.

Birthfathers need to feel included in the adoption process. By allowing them involvement in planning for the adopted children’s future, they can help show their support for birthmothers and their biological child.

Whether the birthmother and birthfather are still in a relationship, birthfathers can still be involved in the adoption plan. Birthfathers can speak to an adoption counselor or agency and provide any necessary information to help facilitate the adoption process. Their involvement in the adoption plan can help make the adoption process smoother and give children more support, as they grow older.

Agencies provide birthfathers with the following types of support:

  • Information on the adoption process: Caseworkers or counselors can help explain the adoption process, which may included open, semi-open or closed adoptions. If the birthmother prefers an open adoption, the birthfather can still select a different type of adoption.
  • The birthfather can discuss adoption with his family. Counselors can help provide advice and assistance, giving birthfathers ideas for approaching his family about the decision to place children for adoption.
  • Birthfathers can accept counseling prior, during and after the adoption process. Birthfathers can opt to have counseling with the birthmother, or they can have separate counseling sessions.
  • Most birthparents select the adoptive family. Adoptive families generally prepare a profile, letter and photos to help adoptive families learn more about them. If a family is of interest to birthparents, adoption agencies can arrange a phone call or in person meeting.
  • Birthfathers may choose to be present for the birth of the baby. If so, making a plan for the hospital, with the birthmother’s permission, can be a supportive gesture. Birthfathers may choose to have the support of their family, the adoptive family or the adoption agency staff. Generally, the birth plan is discussed ahead of time.


Birthfathers are often overlooked in the adoption process; however, there are many birthfathers that want to be involved in their children’s adoption plan. Birthfathers often grieve and miss their children as well. There are rarely resources for birthfathers, but My Adoption Agencies does understand the emotional loss that birthfathers go through during this difficult time.