To Eliminate The Risk Of Injury Completely, Trust A Trampoline Manufacturer That Puts Safety First


Trampolines have been one of the top past times for American children, teens and adults in recent years, with many parents believing the chance to keep their kids active is a good option for keeping them healthy. The benefits of trampolines have often been outweighed by the many injuries that have been reported as a result of the stiff metal poles and dangerous springs that come with traditional trampoline designs. Shocking injuries are often associated with the use of trampolines that include concussion, broken bones, and head injuries. But the reality is that you can vastly reduce the risk of these injuries by choosing innovative trampoline design and technology. Safety should be the most important aspect of any trampoline purchase, which should include the use of composite, flexible rods and unseen supports.

Healthy Children reports the greatest risk of injury from the use of trampolines is among those aged six years and under using a trampoline with a metal frame. The use of traditional metal frames contributes to the list of yearly injuries that befall trampoline users, which is why any forward-thinking company should shift the focus to a frame hidden beneath the trampoline itself. The problem of the exposed springs and frame has led to groups like the Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care and Cure detailing the fact that injuries requiring hospital treatment are caused by users coming into contact with exposed springs and frames can be avoided with design improvements.

The traditional design of a trampoline sees the enclosurepoles, metal frame, and stiff springs left exposed only inches from where the users are bouncing, and the sheer number of injuries that occur on traditional trampoline designs has led to a complete design overhaul by Springfree Trampoline, the only company in the world thathas moved the metal frame beneath the jumping surface, to where a jumper can’t land on it.

The International Design Awards board and the volunteer parents behind the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Agree that Springfreeiscommitted to using only the highest quality materials and ensuring that jumpers are safe. Their innovative design has eliminated 90% of product related injuries and has won them dozens of awards. Construction methods have changed to ensure that springs have been done away with and the frame hidden away from the jumping surface, while FlexiNet technology allows for safety nets that prevent jumpers from falling to the ground.

Purchasing a trampoline from a manufacturer whose products exceed the published American safety standards is the best option for making sure children, teens and adults remain safe when jumping. Trust an award-winning design team like the engineers at Springfree Trampoline — after all, their award-winning trampoline design has been keeping children happy, healthy, and safe for years. Why not make the switch to safe trampoline design today?