Going green with the last rites – Tips to finding a green funeral home

green funeral home

You might be someone who takes every little step to save the environment. You might put every plastic bottle, paper and can into recycling and also compost all organic materials. You might collect rainwater in order to store it for later irrigating your garden, install solar panels on your rooftop in order to decrease the dependency on electricity. Like many Americans, there are increasing numbers of Canadians who are pretty environment-friendly and who would take very step to think about the impact they are setting on Nature. When people are so much eco-friendly while they’re alive, don’t you think that when you’ve moving into the next world, you would prefer being equally green with your choices? What if you’re not aware of how to remain green then? Who is going to take care of your wishes? Read on the concerns of this article to know more on the ways in which you can go green with burial and funerals.

  1. Avoid temporary preservation of body: The process of temporary preservation of the body by easily replacing the fluids within the body with chemicals like methanol, formaldehyde or ethanol is a famous tradition in North America. This process is known as embalming. There are many families who opt for embalming in order to increase the time left between death and burial. But the fact is that embalming is most often not required. To create the same effect, you can opt for refrigeration, cooling methods or dry-ice. When you skip embalming, you can avoid putting toxic chemicals into the ground and also exposing the funeral directors and other members from inhaling those toxic chemicals.
  2. Avoid liners and burial vaults: Liners or burial vaults are nothing but secondary containers which are bought in order to house the casket underground at the cemetery. Contradicting the popular belief, they aren’t required as per law. It is the cemetery which requires them to assist them with maintaining the ground. By electing a green cemetery that won’t ask you for a liner or a burial vault, you may easily save your dollars by discarding that single purchase.
  3. Choose a green burial container: Whether it is a burial shroud, urn or a casket, choose a container which is made out of sustainable materials which can be easily recycled or renewed and which can bio-degrade easily. You will meet many green manufacturers who make it a point to make caskets out of banana leafs, bamboo, sea grass, fabric, wicker or even with sustainably harvested wood. These are called green containers for burial.
  4. Choose a grave marker which is natural: Opt for no marker or you can have a tree or some special flowers or rock or native flowers as the grave marker. Wouldn’t you love it when your grandchildren climb on your tree in order to create a natural habitat for the butterflies or birds?

Therefore, if you wish to go green with your funeral, you can choose the green Sydney funeral homes that can help you with creating less carbon imprint on the environment.

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