How to Avoid the Divorce Fiasco by Getting a Smooth Split


According to a study conducted in the United States of America, forty one percent of first marriages will end up in divorce. Sixty percent of second marriages will end in divorce and a whooping seventy three percent of third marriages will end in divorce. Numbers do not lie and it is safe to conclude that, although most of us have the best intentions for our marriages, a large number of them will end in divorce.

Healthy marriages are good for everyone involved. A healthy marriage is important for the psychological, physical and mental wellbeing of both the partners involved. It is also the ideal situation to bring up children. Growing up in a happy, stable environment helps children to grow up healthy and protects them from mental, physical, educational and social problems.

The increase in divorce rate in this day and age has been blamed on the change in lifestyle and the infusion of technology in our daily activities. However, it is the blame game that ends up ruining the chances of a smooth sailing divorce. Below are some of the ways to significantly reduce the drama that ensues after and during a divorce

  1. Mediation and cooperation

The end of a relationship that lasted a long time or a marriage, comes with a flood of emotions. Feelings, such as anger, fear, grief or anxiety are typical for anyone who is going through this stressful period. Such a response is normal and the difference between a smooth divorce and one filled with conflict is the way in which we react to this emotions. We need to recognize that such emotions will subside over time.

Divorce mediation is a great alternative to courtroom proceedings. Trying to work through the process on your own can sometimes be a stressful and daunting task considering that you do not have complete control of your emotions. Research has shown that mediation is beneficial for emotional satisfaction, spousal relationships and children’s needs.

  1. Take caution when children are involved

Divorce for children can be one of the most traumatic experiences for them. Most children however end up adjusting well within two to three years of the divorce. This is true for children who have undergone a divorce that is relatively peaceful and lacks high conflict. However, in the high conflict situations, children almost never adjust and are forced to pick sides, between the two parents.

A Child custody lawyer is usually consulted during any divorce proceeding that involve children. It is important to ensure that you choose one that has the main aim of equality and fairness to the parties involved. Having a transparent and honest experience is very important to avoid conflict situations arising.

Changes brought about by divorce are often extreme and can be overwhelming. It is important to take care of yourself and to completely adjust your mindset in the way you view this divorce process. Always surround yourself with a great support network and do not be ashamed to turn to family and good friends for support. Stay positive and begin this new chapter confidently.

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