The Positive Change That a Pet Can Bring to Your Kids


Pets are great to have around the house, especially for the kids! Whether you choose to have dogs, cats or any other pets, it’s important that you get the relevant health checks done and also vaccinations before you bring them into your home.

Kids generally love to have their own pets at home, and there many are advantages of having them that will be directly beneficial to your kids. Some of them are:

  1. a) Improves self esteem

Kids with pets have a healthier self-esteem. This is because the pet is always a faithful friend and playmate that your child can spend time with even when there is no sibling. The pet is a perfect companion because it is a non-judgmental friend who accepts your child unconditionally. This is a great recipe to a good and healthy self-esteem for your kid.

  1. b) Boosts reading skills

Kids can actually learn to read better by reading out loud to their pet. This helps them to build confidence and refine their reading skills to a point where they are totally fluent.  It also helps that the pet is not pointing out mistakes as the child reads!

  1. c) Helps autistic children

Pets help autistic children to be more social with other children and they also learn how to share. This is because the autistic child learns to interact with the pet and uses the same skills to interact with classmates and friends.

  1. d) Boosts health and immunity of kids

Research has shown that kids who have had a pet while they are young are less likely to develop allergies later, including asthma. This is because they were exposed to these bacteria early in life and it helped boost their immunity. So your kids will be healthier if you get them a pet.

  1. e) A source of comfort.

When a child is anxious, fearful or sad, their pet is an immense source of strength and comfort. Especially with kids who tend to have bouts of depression, the pet is a much needed source of encouragement where they can pour out their hearts and not be judged.

  1. f) Learn responsibility

Kids with kittens tend to learn to do things responsibly and by routine. This is because they will need to learn kitten care which trains them to do things by routine. For example kittens need to be fed at a certain times during the day and also their litter box needs to be emptied regularly.

  1. g) Greater physical activity

Pets make kids do a lot of outdoor activities such as running and playing. This helps the child to be much healthier and keeps obesity at bay. This boosts the general health of the child.

  1. h) Helps develop nurturing skills

Kids who have pets learn at an early age how to lovingly care for them. This introduces nurturing skills and the children learn how to be good future parents. This skill is not easily learnt by kids, so it’s very beneficial for a child who has a pet.

So go ahead and get a pet for your child, the benefits are definitely worth it!