Domestic Violence And Its Effect On The Development Of A Child

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can have many different negative effects on the development and growth of a child. Spousal abuse is something that is really stressful and it is important to understand everything that is associated with such a situation. Children that are going to be brought up in the environment that is surrounded by domestic violence will end up with suppressed and bad childhoods in many cases. If you take a look at the crimes in professional sports, you will notice that many of the athletes involved were raised in an environment filled with domestic violence.

Domestic violence will hinder the development of a child. Here are some of the most common met problems that appear:

Children Become Introvert

Children always need love and care. When there is domestic violence that appears, children tend to become hesitant and silent. They will remain stuck in homes and will not want to go out. Isolation is something that is incredibly common and so many children end up being introvert. They will fear people and will not want to express emotions to friends or family members. In most situations this is because of the restrictions that appear at home in regards to what the child can say and what should not be said.

Children Aggressiveness Increased

Children cannot express what they feel in front of other people or are in pain and cannot talk. This leads to an aggression level that is automatically increased. Saturation points will eventually appear and handling anger is very difficult for younger ones. Children are going to become really aggressive as time passes and if this problem is not solved, the situation will only get a lot worse. This can actually lead to the situation in which the child will end up being a killer.

Children Need To Be Responsible At An Early Age

Children end up having to learn how to survive in an environment that is really violent. They will not be able to enjoy the world and what it has to offer at a young age. Children raised in a domestic violence environment have to be able to survive so responsibility becomes a lot higher. Children end up having to clean, cook and even cater food items so that they can make some money.

Becoming Unsocial

Domestic violence makes the child suffer and have lower self-esteem, with low confidence levels. A child will not want to go out and will not want to meet new people. Making friends is not something that is considered and becoming unsocial is much more common than what many believe.

Becoming Nervous And Edgy

Becoming aggressive is not the only common outcome of being raised in a domestic environment case. You can also end up being extremely nervous and very edgy. Performing all tasks becomes incredibly difficult for the child.

On the whole, domestic violence does have more negative effects on the development of a child than what many think. The child does need help or he will have huge difficulties in the future.