I Want to Do It Myself: Quick Tips and Top Apps to Help Independent Kids Get Ready Faster in the Morning

As your kids get older, they start wanting to do everything themselves. This is great, and it should be encouraged because it will help them to become more independent.  But it can also slow things down, which isn’t ideal when you need to get everyone ready and out of the house in the morning.

Here are some useful apps and tips that can help your kids to get ready quicker in the morning even when they want to do everything themselves.

Kid-Do Timeline

This is a great little app for creating a countdown to get all the morning activities out of the way. Customize the routine, set the length of time for each task, and the app will provide your kids with visual clues to make their routine fun. Download it from the Play store here.

Brush DJ

Brushing the teeth is an easy thing to do, but getting your kids to do it properly can be a challenge. This excellent app can help with that.

It plays a 2-minute tune to time the teeth cleaning, making sure your kids always brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time. It works with any toothbrush, and your kids can enjoy better oral health by cleaning their teeth for longer.

Happy Kids Timer – Morning

This app is a great way to prompt your kids to do certain tasks like make their beds and brush their teeth in the morning by helping them to carry out all their tasks in a certain timeframe. They may want to do the tasks, but they might not have such a great idea of time management, and this app will help.

Weather Live Free

Planning for the day ahead is a key skill for children to learn. One of the things they will need to prepare for is the weather, so encourage them to download an Android weather app like Weather Live Free. This is a free and accurate weather forecast that they can use to check what the weather will be like and plan accordingly.

More Tips for the Morning Routine

These apps can all be very useful in helping your kids to better manage their morning routines, but there are lots of other ways that you can help.

One of the things to do is prepare the night before. Have a set list of tasks that need to be completed first thing in the morning, and let your kids know what these are so they can mentally prepare themselves and there are no surprises.

They may want to get dressed themselves, but you can save a lot of time by choosing their clothes for them, and this can prevent any lengthy decision-making.

Set the breakfast table as well, then they can make their own breakfasts but they will have everything ready and waiting for them.

You can also encourage showers at night rather than the morning, and this can save crucial minutes before leaving the house.

Get Your Morning Routine Under Control

It’s great that your kids want to do more things for themselves. But it can often slow down your morning routine unless you give them some encouragement. Use these tips, and consider downloading some of the useful apps mentioned, and you may find that you can speed up your morning routine.

This guest post comes from Kyle Thomas who is a dad of two boys ages 5 and 7. He writes about parenting topics, usually coming from a Dads perspective, which appear around the web.