Advantages of Using Slate Effect Shower Trays


Shower trays collect the water flowing from the shower down to the drainage area. This helps avoid having a messy or wet bathroom floor. There are different types of shower trays to choose from. Of the available choices, slate effect shower trays are extremely popular. They may be slightly expensive, but you should choose them for several reasons.


Compared with other options, these trays are more rigid. Other shower trays seem fragile and unstable. They might break, especially if used over a long period. This is not the case with slate effect shower trays. You are guaranteed that they will remain in good condition despite constant use.


This is another reason for choosing this type of tray. You might hate bathing when it is too cold, especially during the winter. With the help of this tray, you will feel a warm and pleasant sensation the moment you step into the enclosure.

Perfect fit

The type of tray you use depends on the size of the enclosure and your bathroom. The good thing is that these trays are designed to fit in the type of enclosure you have. There is no need to add additional levelling since the tray already fits perfectly.

Dry surface

You would surely hate it if the surface of the tray was slippery. It doesn’t just feel awkward, it can also pose a huge risk. Slate effect shower trays can be made rough or smooth. Either way, you are guaranteed that the surface won’t be slippery. They have a higher grade certification due to this quality.

Easy installation

These trays come with perfectly defined slopes. It means that they are easy to install. The person installing it will be able to do the job in no time. There are even some instances when you can just do it yourself.

Ease of cleaning

This is perhaps the best reason for buying slate effect shower trays. Imagine the time you spend cleaning your shower tray. Add to that the fact that some trays don’t react well to cleaning agents used. This is not the case for this type of tray. Cleaning can be done quickly. You can use any cleaning chemical and not worry about the effect. Its resistance to chemicals is generally high.

Given all these reasons, you should consider buying a slate effect shower tray. They might be a bit pricey, but it will be worth it in the end. When you see how lovely it looks and how great it is when installed, you won’t regret spending your money on it. Just check the options online and order the best shower tray.



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