How to Secure a Fair Divorce Settlement

Divorce Settlement

Officially ending your marriage will undoubtedly be one of the most stressful and upsetting times of your life. After all, you will, at some point in your relationship, have loved your husband or wife deeply. Yet, you should not allow your past emotions or current feelings to prevent you from the outcome you deserve. Find out how to secure a fair divorce settlement.

Find a Talented Divorce Attorney

Don’t settle for a second-rate lawyer when filing for divorce. Aim to find a knowledgeable, respected attorney with extensive experience in both divorce and family law. This will ensure they have the skills and experience you need to win your case successfully. Ideally, your attorney should manage divorce law 75% of the time to help you secure the best settlement possible.

Hire a Private Investigator

Do you believe your husband or wife was guilty of adultery at some point in your relationship, or were they financial unstable and you need proof? You cannot win a divorce settlement based on suspicion alone, which is why you must try to gather as much admissible proof as possible. It is, therefore, worth considering hiring private investigators to acquire evidence to prove your partner’s infidelity, which can be used in court. What’s more, a private investigator can also testify their surveillance observations.

Don’t Move Out of the Marital Home

If you want to remain in your marital home with your children, it is advisable not to move out, or you could risk your chances of never returning. If you move out, a court could potentially provide your ex-partner with de facto possession, as you will appear to have abandoned your partner and children. Those who want to gain exclusive access to the marital property throughout the divorce process should speak to their divorce attorney for assistance.

Protect All Assets

Some partners may attempt to hide their assets, spend too much money, or rack up credit card bills. At the start of the divorce process, you should make an inventory of all your assets, collect financial documents, and maintain accurate records, which will ensure the assets have been reported fairly in court. Try to maintain a record of all credit card bills, bank statements, income tax returns and loan statements.

Choose Your Words Wisely

It’s important that you carefully communicate with your soon to be ex-husband or wife. Remember, anything you say could potentially be used against you in court, so avoid tense altercations that could potentially hurt the case. Not only must you carefully watch what you say, but you also avoid sending negative emails, text messages, social media posts or voicemails. Every time you go to write or say anything negative, ask yourself if you would want the judge to hear or read it. If the answer is no, take the high road and say nothing that could impact your case.

The divorce settlement can be emotionally grueling, but it is important to approach a case with maturity, and never bring your children into the conflict, regardless of your feelings for your partner. You can then secure the divorce settlement you need while protecting your children throughout the process.

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