Three Things Online and Mobile Games Can Help Kids Learn


It’s no secret that children love to play on phones and tablets, and there is no shortage of games available for them to play. There are also sites like that offer a wide range of Flash games that kids can play on a desktop or laptop computer. Of course, while these games are a lot of fun, there are also other good reasons why children can benefit from playing with them and these games should not just be considered time spent playing and having fun. There is also educational value there when you choose the right games for your kids to play.


There’s an abundance of word games that children of all ages can play on mobile apps or online. Choosing a game that is appropriate for your child’s age and level of literacy will allow them to have a fun and challenging experience that will also help them learn things like spelling. For the youngest children, games that match pictures to words can help them to actually improve their vocabulary. For older children, there are even games and apps that can help them learn a foreign language in a similar way.

Caring For Pets

Kids can also learn some life skills from playing with mobile apps and games. A popular theme in children’s games is looking after virtual pets. If your child is interested in owning a real pet and you are wondering whether or not they are old enough to take on that responsibility, they can actually learn a lot about the real needs of animals from playing these games. A lot of the games reward the player for doing things on a timely basis and making sure that their pet receives enough attention. While it may just look like a lot of cute characters on a screen, there is a certain amount of attention that the player needs to give their virtual pet in order for them to thrive. This can help young children to understand what animals need and can help to prepare them for the responsibilities that come with looking after a real animal. It’s a lot safer giving them a virtual pet than a real-life pet!

Logic and Pattern Recognition

A third thing that children can improve on and learn while they’re playing games on their devices is logic and pattern recognition. Games that rely on players being able to solve puzzles or identify cycles of things that are happening on screen can help them realize the importance of being able to use their thoughts to predict the best outcomes in the games. This makes them work their logical reasoning skills and also trains them to look out for repetition and patterns.

As you can see, games are not just there for entertainment, and if you help your child in choosing the games that they spend their time playing then they will be able to benefit from an educational experience without even realizing they’re not just having fun!