How to Teach Your Kids About Other Cultures

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With over seven billion people living in the world, there are plenty of different religions and cultures that live amongst each other. Teaching your children about other cultures can be a fantastic way to help broaden their minds. Here are a few activities that you can teach to help your children understand different cultures and diversity.

Creating a Passport

A great way of helping your child understand about different cultures is by creating a passport. Before you begin creating a passport, let your child know the reasons why we need to use a passport and why they can differ from country to country. Making a booklet that serves as a passport for your kid can enable them to draw, use stickers, and glue pictures of different country flags, as well as learning about all the different cultures.

Different Climates

Whilst your kid will be used to the climate they currently live in, they are likely to be unaware that other children their age are living in completely different weather conditions. Teaching your child about the different climates in other countries can help broaden their mind and be more understanding of the types of weather other children experience.

Authentic Cooking

A great and fun way to teach your child about other cultures is through food. Cooking up authentic dishes can give your child something new to try and learn more about the cuisines of the world. There are plenty of authentic recipes that you can find online with many recipes being quick and easy to make and to suit all budgets. Also, letting your child taste popular dishes from around the world will help them be less fussy with food.

Cultural Etiquette

How you act in your own country may not be acceptable in another. Letting your child be aware of cultural etiquette in other countries and how they may differ to their own can be an interesting topic, which gives your child a different sense of perspective. Each country will abide by different regulations and rules, so teaching your child about a certain country’s do’s and don’ts can be a fantastic way to help your child understand a culture.

Get Crafty

Injecting some arts and crafts into the learning process can be exciting and interesting for your child when getting to know about other cultures. Websites like Origami Way will give you more information on different arts and crafts that you can implement into your teaching. Your child can also have a go at creating clothing that is relevant to a certain culture. Giving them different tools and activities such as beadwork and pottery can provide your child with fun and interesting ways to help keep them occupied and understand other cultures.

Opening your child’s mind to the vast amount of cultures living across the world can be incredibly beneficial in making your child be aware and accepting of others around them. Also, letting your child know about other cultures will help them be more respectful and understanding.