Childproofing: How to Prepare Your Home

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Having a child is often regarded as being a part of life that is unbeaten by anything else. From the moment you hold them in your arms, you will feel a love you never thought you could have. However, as much as kids bring much joy to people’s lives, they also bring with them stresses beyond belief. Such stresses include turning your otherwise clean home into a haven for mess and dirt, which can make maintaining your home a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, you can follow handy tips through each important stage in their life to keep your home looking sparkling clean.


For the first year of your child’s life, you may just be getting used to how much mess they have been starting to make. Though they can’t move much, a lot of their mess comes from smears of baby food and problems with diapers. These are the kind of stains that don’t only stay for the short term but may stay for years after you have scrubbed at them. To restore your carpet to its former glory, you might need to enlist the help of a specialist cleaner such as My Technicare to remove any stubborn stains.


When your child becomes a toddler, this represents one of the most important developmental stages in their life, when they start to walk and speak. During this time, they also can make more mess as they start to explore your home. While they are doing this, you don’t want to give them any harmful chemicals they could ingest while picking up items to chew or if they fall over. In these cases, having a natural cleaner on hand is best. These cleaners are made of ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar so they can remove dirt, but cause no harm.


It isn’t just stains that your child can leave as they grow older, because their curiosity will extend to bringing mud in from the outside and not being able to clean up spillages just yet. In these cases, is it wise to bring waterproof items into your home, such as tablecloths to catch any food. This is also the time when education will hit home the hardest, as you can teach them small ways of taking care of themselves and cleaning up any mess, which they will remember as they grow older. The best example is removing their shoes before they step off the doormat.


Going to grade school is key for your child if they want to expand their mind and grow up to be whatever they want to be. During this age, they will likely start playing games in the home and acting out scenarios with their friends and siblings. To avoid the mess from taking hold, you should create your own storage solutions as a family to encourage your kid to tidy away any blankets or games after they have used them.

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