5 gift ideas for the teenage girl you have no clue what to buy for

teenage girl

Teenage girls might just be the most impossible people to shop for presents for. They have what can seem like a million different interests all at one time, from fashion to beauty to sport and if that wasn’t enough, they often change who and what they like on an hourly basis. Just how are you meant to keep up?

The simple answer of course, is don’t. If you try and go too specific, like tickets to see her favorite musician, then chances are that’ll have changed by the time you present the tickets, let alone six months down the line when it is actually time to go.

To help you out, here five gift ideas for the teenage girl you have no clue what to buy for.

Microwaveable boots

Who doesn’t love having toasty warm feet? That’s what you get with a pair of microwavable boots. Just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes, take them out and enjoy that warm foot feeling at any time of day or night.

Improved smart phone lens

If there is one thing that teenage girls love, it is taking photos. Help them on their quest to become one of the world’s most popular Instagram stars by purchasing them an improved smart phone lens. These come in many shapes and sizes, but most will allow for enhanced quality, wider angles and most importantly for your present recipient, improved selfies.

Wireless speakers

Teenage girls like to listen music – more often than not, very loudly. It might be the last thing you want to do if you value peace and quiet in your home, but you can help them get the party started by purchasing wireless speakers for their room. They only have to place their phone on top of the speaker, select a song and their whole room will be filled with the sounds of Justin Bieber or whoever is there current artist of choice without so much as a single wire being required.

Make up

Given that 80 percent of US tweens use beauty and personal care products, it’s highly likely that your teenage girl is in possession of at least some makeup. That makes buying her makeup an easy win as you already know what she likes and what she wears. There are less obvious advantages to buying her makeup as well – if for example you think she wears too much, this can be a subtle way of getting her to tone it down by presenting her with less full-on products. You’ll also be ensuring any beauty products she receives are of the highest quality, which is particularly important when we hear of horror stories such as fake eyelashes that can lead to a swollen eyelid.

Retro sweets jar

You’ve probably heard at least once that they don’t want to hear about how good things were in the 1940s when you were growing up. A retro sweets jar for the teenage girl with a sweet tooth is one way of proving her wrong. Show them the magic of Candy Sticks, Love Hearts and flying saucers and maybe they’ll see there’s some truth behind your stories of your childhood not looking like something out of Oliver Twist.