Why Online Driver’s Ed is Better Than Offline

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So, you don’t know how to drive a car, but you’ve always wanted to learn. We know where you’re coming from. A great way to learn how to drive is by enrolling in a driver’s educational course. Taking driver’s ed is a great way to learn road signs, traffic signals, driving etiquette, and the rules of the road. Today’s society is enslaved by the car industry, so why wouldn’t you enroll in Driver’s Ed?

The problem is, taking driver’s ed in person is too much effort. Nobody wants to wake up early and drive to your class and may learn first-hand how to protect your car from car theft. You don’t even know how to drive, yet, so how do they expect you get there?

Since we live in a digital era, you can do just about anything you want from the comfort of your home. Even enroll in an online driver’s education course. Here’s why online driver’s ed is better than offline driver’s ed.

Taking classes from your home 

The biggest reason why taking driver’s ed courses online is better than an in-person classroom setting is the convenience. You can enroll at anytime from anywhere. You can start your courses and pick up the rest at any point, just like online traffic school. When taking your courses, you have complete control over your own schedule. Even better, the California DMV recognizes online driver’s education as a legitimate program. 

You can wear anything because you’re taking classes from your home 

Another great reason is showing up to class wearing whatever you want. You can roll out of bed in your PJ’s or you can show up to class in your finest, formal attire. You’ll be taking classes from your home, so, unless you have a dress code in your house, feel free to dress however you like! 

Hold your pet because you’re taking classes from your home 

Nobody enjoys being separated from their beloved pet. So, take your pet with you! Any pets are allowed in your online driver’s ed course; dogs, cats, even pelicans can go with you to class. Since the classroom is probably your own bedroom, you can bring whatever pet you want while you’re studying how driving a car works. 

Cook dinner because you’re taking classes from your home 

If, at any point, you become hungry in class, you don’t have to sit there and deal with the pain. When you’re taking online classes, you can literally get off the couch, walk to your kitchen, and begin cooking some delicious ravioli. Because you’re taking classes online, you can be flexible on where you decide to take class. 

Build furniture because you’re taking classes from your home

You just ordered a bunch of IKEA furniture, but don’t have any time to build it because you have to go to driver’s ed – OH, WAIT! We almost forgot! You’re taking class from the comfort of your very own home, which means you can totally start building that bookcase while watching informative educational videos with downloadable resources. 

Scream uncontrollably because you’re taking classes from your home

Screaming in a public location, such as a driver’s ed classroom, can be distressing for other people. We all enjoy a good uncontrollable scream. That’s why taking an online class from your home is a great idea. Feel free to scream uncontrollably during your courses, because the only one who must listen to you is your pet pelican from earlier.

Enrolling into an online driver’s ed program can save you time, energy, and make the experience a little more enjoyable. In no time, you will be applying everything you learned behind a wheel of your very own car.