Afternoon Outings for the Family to Enjoy Together


When you have got one or two awesome kids who love to go out in the afternoon, the big question is where to take them? Kids love variety and surprises much more than we do as adults. They also want some degree of predictability too, so outings shouldn’t be so unusual that they’re not sure how to react to them.

Here are a few ideas for great days out in the afternoon.

Supervised or Dual Paddle Boarding

Using a paddle board is something that a child 8+ can safely do when supervised by their parents. They’re certainly strong enough to paddle gently in a lake and propel themselves along while perched on a paddle board. There is the risk that they could lose their balance and fall in. Therefore, they should also be wearing armbands to help them float. It’s also a good idea for one parent to be in the water near them to provide reassurance.

Dual paddle boarding is a little bit more of a challenge because two people must help balance together on the board. Probably one parent should be in the water and the other on the board with their child to cover all the angles. Dual paddle boarding is probably best for experienced paddlers. To learn some advanced paddling techniques, check out Justpaddleboard.Com.

Family Picnic

Going to the park or even in the home garden for a family picnic is a fun event for kids. For children who enjoy planning things and don’t mind going food shopping, making a list of food and drink items required and taking a family trip to the supermarket is a great way to get them involved. Older children can help in the kitchen to prepare the vegetables and perhaps help to cook a dish while being properly supervised. Along with the picnic, plan to play some family games as well.

Toy Store

A trip to the toy store is a cool treat for most kids. They get to roam around, play with the different sample toys on display and pick out one or two that they’d like to buy and take home. Maybe they have saved up some of their allowance and the parents can chip in with some extra funds to get them to the amount of money they need to buy the toys? Otherwise, they’ll have to make some tough toy choices which a good learning experience for them too.

Sports Event

For kids that are heavily into sports, picking up tickets for an upcoming game of their favorite sport and the team they follow is a great way to get further invested. Watching a game on TV is one thing, but the experience of watching a live sports match in person is something that everyone should get to experience at least once in their lives. It’s a completely different feeling and really gets the adrenalin going.

Choose the trip based on the interests and preferences of your children. You can put it to a vote and see what everyone wants to do. Just be prepared to teach the lesson that if you don’t get your first choice, then you’ll have some delayed gratification by waiting until the next afternoon outing.

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