Tips To Improve Your Family’s Health And Relationship


Most often than not, children that engage in bullying, crime, and anti-social behavior are products of dysfunctional families and unstable homes. Homes where the family bond has been broken by lack of communication, abusive parenting or absent parents, can lead many kids to lose their sense of belonging.

Even when some parents are around, they can often be too busy with little time spent listening, talking or playing with their child. Additionally, growing up in a home where parents are always fighting can hurt the child’s confidence and happiness.

Although family conflicts are bound to happen, it is important they are free of hatred, violence, and harsh criticism. It is also vital that they are settled amicably and with love.

Children, on many occasions, mirror their parents. Sometimes, this happens subconsciously; other times, it is intentional. Therefore, it is crucial they grow up in a supportive and loving family environment, one where what they pick from the family are good things. With this article, you will find some tips serve as a guide to improving your families’ health and relationship.

  1. Eat Healthily

Food fuels the human body and the wrong kind of food can cause a breakdown in both your health and your families health. Your diet does not just affect your physical health; it also affects your mental health. Research has shown that diet affects how the brain functions, so it is essential that families consume the right kind of food. Something as simple as food should never be the cause of anxiety or depression.

Food can also help in combating alcoholism and drug addictions which is vital because addiction is a known culprit for a hostile family environment. Vegetable and fruits provide nutrients that fight the cravings, helps you feel good and help you sleep better. If you do have a family member battling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you can also refer them to a rehab center like the one on this site. Rehab centers are a great place to get one-to-one attention, as your loved one will be advised on the right nutrition, and diet to help lead a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle. A family member who avoids seeking help and attending rehab may only worsen their problem, and it won’t be long before the family harmony is destroyed.

  1. Play Sports Together

The more time a family spends doing things together, the happier they are and the stronger the bond they share. Sports are great for bringing people together, as it created a team like atmosphere.

You can play a competitive sports game together with your family, as well as invite other friends and families, where Family A can team up against Family B in a soccer or basketball game.

Aside from bringing families together, sports also help build a familial relationship as members get to know each other when they play on the same side and as oppositions. Parents can also discover their kid’s strength and gifts while playing sports. This, for example, could be helpful in guiding the kids to picking the right hobbies and school activities to excel at.

  1. Go On Vacation

These days, everyone is busy. Parents are always focused on work while the kids are focused on school. However, it may be the case that some parents need to take a break from work and spend more time with their kids. They may never come out of the ‘being busy’ trap unless they make an asserted effort to take time out.

Vacations can provide an escape, and they don’t need to be expensive trips to exotic islands, they can be close to home. There are many family-friendly holiday destinations you can explore with your family this summer. If your family cannot afford such trips, a small getaway is all you need. You can spend some time with their grandparents, or cousins who reside in a nearby city, for example.

  1. Go To A Family Spa Trip

Although spa and kids seem like a bad combo, family spa breaks are becoming a thing nowadays because of the increase in demand. Parents want to bring their kids on their spa trip for bonding purposes, and they want resorts that can cater for their kids while they have treatments.

Some parents also want to introduce their kids to meditation, yoga, de-stressing and breath work due to increased anxiety level among teenagers. A family spa trip provides an opportunity to vacation with your kids, spend more time with them, and introduce them to a calmer way of life.

  1. Make And Eat Meals Together

The essence of making and eating a meal together is to foster togetherness in the family. Families function better when they are united and to build unity you need to do things together. Cooking together is also a way of killing two birds with a stone; you get to spend time with your family and teach your kids how to take responsibility since they will be involved in the cooking process.

At dinner, you also get to teach your kids table manners and maybe they can show you a thing or two they learned from school which you had no idea about. Plus, having dinner together creates a platform for everyone to discuss their how their day went.

  1. Be Available And Attentive

Your partner may be struggling with something at work, and your kids may be undergoing difficult hormonal changes; these different scenarios can ignite a change in the way your partner or kids behave at home.

During this period, you need to both be available and attentive. Being attentive helps you notice these changes, then you can ask them about it and offer solutions.

  1. Be Positive

Bad parenting creates a toxic family environment; these parents say harsh and mean words to their kids. For instance, when a kid is not doing well at school, lashing out at him or her and calling them names will not make them suddenly brilliant or get better grades. If anything, it is going to make them feel worthless and not even want to try to be better.

Instead, guide and instruct with love. Help your child see the importance of excelling in school. Also, shower them with respect, encouragement, hugs, smiles, and compliments. When a child does something commendable, praise them. It’s these little things which help create a happy home.

Your kids are not the only ones that need your kinds words; your partner needs them too. Compliment them when they look beautiful, help them feel better about their insecurities, celebrate them when they achieve a milestone in their career. Be their inspiration when they need to be inspired.

  1. Make Joint Decisions

Kids tend to be open to parents who respect them enough to decide for them with them. As your kids approach puberty, you need to stop making decisions for them. Instead consult them first and decide together because doing so makes them feel grown up and respected. It also boosts their self-esteem and makes them perform better at school.

Discussing with them when making decisions also help them mature and become good decision makers themselves. It also involves both partners; each partner should consult the other before taking a decision that affects the family.

  1. Love And Care For Your Partner

Remember when you were newlyweds? How rosy and sweet everything was, then you started having kids. Now, you and your partner do not go out again, intimacy has become a thing of the past, and all your love is invested in your children. Well, of course, it is good to love your kids but doing it at the expense of your partner or marriage will only come back to haunt you and the kids. Divorce has a devastating effect on children and not loving and caring for your partner can lead to a divorce.

Even if divorce doesn’t happen, your kids are going to leave home one day, for college or start their own families. Then it will be just you and your partner. If you no longer have a relationship with them or it is not as great as it used to be because you have invested all into your kids, you may struggle with staying with them.

It is, therefore, important you create time for you and partner to be alone every once in a while. You can drop the kids off at their grandparents’ house and go for a weekend away. Find and keep that spark that made you want to get married in the first place. Do all those silly things you use to do with your partner before the kids came.

Even when the kids are around, make time for just your partner, and let them feel your love. Go to dinner and movie dates. Remember, your kids are paying attention and learning from you on how to treat a person they love.

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Do not be so concerned about your partner and kids that you forget you have a life. Parents are often so invested in their kids that they forget to take care of themselves. They forget about their goals and aspirations, and this can lead to a sad, unfulfilling life.

When you do not take care of yourself, you start to feel miserable, and depression starts creeping in. Depression might deprive you of showing love and caring for your kids. It is okay to spoil yourself occasionally; it does not make you a bad parent or a selfish person. Instead, it helps you stay happy, and only a happy person can give happiness.

Building a healthy family relationship is not an easy task, it takes time, but it is highly rewarding. The foundation of every healthy family relationship is made up of excellent communication, love, respect, happiness, and selflessness; It is crucial you incorporate all of these as they improve intimacy in the family.

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