How To Live Longer


As a parent you want to be involved in the growth and development of your kids as much as you can and live long enough to see your grand kids. In other words, you want to live longer and have the health and energy to nurture your kids into responsible adults who can make an impact in the society.

Through Cenegenics, researchers have found ways to boost longevity through nutrition, exercise and medication and ward off the effects of ageing on your health. By taking better care of yourself and a bit of luck, you should be able live into your sunset years.

Here’s how to live longer.

Eat right

Your body works the same your car works when your fuel it with diesel instead of gasoline. Food is fuel for your body and you should watch you eat if you want to live a long, healthy life.

Avoid eat junk foods which make you overweight and increase your risk of developing heart diseases and suffering a stroke. Similarly, keep off processed foods which have high salt and preservative content.

Eat well balanced meals with healthy snacks in between to regulate your blood sugar and keep the hunger pangs away which can make you fall into the temptation of unhealthy eating habits.

More importantly, control your portions. Overeating is unhealthy and will lead to weight problems, which brings with it a litany off health issues.

Exercise regularly

Parenting is not easy and couple with other obligations can lead to stress. Exercise helps you deal with stress in a healthy way as opposed to drinking wine or binge drinking. Any form exercise stimulates the production of endorphins which improve your moods and lessens your anxiety.

In addition to that, you need to exercise regularly to stay fit and control your weight. Regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart attack as well as improving your posture.

Have social connections

People with friends live longer. Having dependable people to rely on is important for longevity, share good times with and comfort you during the tough ones can help you live longer. Stress can lead to heart disease and you are better off if you have people to share your troubles with.

Feeling loved and care for essential for a better and longer life. You are less likely to engage in risky behaviour if you feel someone cares about you. So make friends and be close to your family.

Reduce your drinking

While an occasional glass of wine may be good for the heart, drinking too much is dangerous and can cut your life short.

Excessive drinking increases the risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack, developing hypertension and diabetes as well as sexual health problems such as low libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, excessive drinking leads to liver damage and changes in appetite which can lead to drastic weight loss or weight gain. Neither is desirable in keeping a healthy body and living longer