Buying a New Home in the Country


Many people dream of making the move from the city or the suburbs for a life in the country. Finding a rural idyll appeals to people who wish to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily living in the town, and they have visions of peace and quiet and being surrounded by nature. It’s certainly true that you can find much peace and relaxation by moving to the country, but you do need to be selective in your choice of location to find somewhere with all the qualities you’re looking for.

Do your homework

The countryside is not a kind of green utopia where everything is perfect and tranquil all the time. There are many very busy roads for example, and what may look like a perfect little cottage set amongst the green fields could be situated right on the main road. Always check what the roads are like near a prospective purchase to save a wasted viewing. There may also be the possibility of new build homes, wind or solar farms, and other encroachments on your peaceful location that you need to be aware of before deciding to buy. This is where the services of a conveyancer like Bird & Co Solicitors are so important because they will be able to check what development is due or likely to take place.

Life in the country

Village life is very different from the lifestyle in urban areas, and you will find that most villages have vibrant communities of local people who know each other and help each other out. Being part of one of these rural communities is one of the great things about moving to the country, and you will soon make new friends and find plenty of projects to get involved with if you want to. You’ll also be able to discover the joys of exploring your new location on foot via the network of footpaths and rights of way that criss-cross the landscape. To help you make the right choice of where to move, it can be helpful to do some research into potential locations, so you can find out about their history, what they have to offer, and the surrounding countryside. For example, living in a small town close to libraries, pubs, and shops might suit you better than a very isolated location. If you research into family history, you might find that there is a place with which you have historical connections, which can be a good way of selecting somewhere that feels like home.

Living in the country can be immensely pleasurable and rewarding, and if you are thinking of relocating there are plenty of wonderful locations across the British Isles that will provide you with the scenery and tranquillity you desire. You just need to check the accessibility of your potential new home and be aware of possible issues like busy roads, the smells and sounds of the farm, and the inevitability of getting stuck behind a tractor most days.