List of Top Careers For Your Kids


Can you recollect of all the careers you always dreamed of when you were a kid? Everybody in their childhood aspires to become a wizard and a superhero only to realize it later that these are not even real jobs. More so, these options are not even existent. Nonetheless, there are many actual jobs which the kids generally dream of having. Kids usually want to get into these jobs out of excitement, for a chance of helping people or for fame. Whether or not they realize it, most of these jobs differ a lot in terms of the education needed, the experience required and the salary. Given below is a list of the top careers for your kids!

Customer service representative or call center

A customer service representative deals with clients by either helping solve their problems or by answering their queries or questions, or by trying to sell them a product of the company. The representatives generally speak with the customers over the phone. Yet, they can also use online messaging systems or emails as well.

Career in medical sonography

Even though sonography education differs by the schools, all the sonography programs Mn require the students to complete the lab classes, classroom courses and the clinical education. Clinical part requires the students to spend a specific no. of hours in supervised internships in the area healthcare facilities. There is an immense growth in this field in the coming years!

Ocean engineering

To begin with, kids can go for a marine degree in the ocean engineering which lets them explore everything from the oceans depths to its vast expanse entirely on the basis of their technical know-how.

Petroleum engineering

The petroleum engineers aid in locating the natural reservoirs of the petroleum deposits. They work with the teams of specialists for developing cost-efficient and more effective methods of recovering petroleum by the application of principles from mathematics, chemistry, geology and engineering.


Dentists analyze and treat the issues which concern a patient’s gums, teeth and mouth. Their duties and responsibilities include fitting dentures, extracting teeth and filling cavities. This career is also ranked among the best jobs in the world.


At the most basic level, a lawyer advises and represents the businesses, government agencies and individuals in civil, legal and criminal matters. However, the title ‘lawyer’ can appeal to contradictory notions as well. Good lawyers earn a very good salary, well above the average.

Athletic trainer

Since the physical education is not given proper attention in many schools, parents are required to look at other places for their kids to get a proper supervised exercise. Even, many gyms are offering the programs for kids in an effort to get them up and exercise.


In case you think where the kids may require a little more flexibility, they can also go into nursing and other more open and general health professions. They can gain some clinical experience there and some additional training too. Well, if your kid is not interested in healthcare career then he can pursue the career in which he is interested as the list of careers is pretty long.