5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Times have changed dramatically in the last few decades, and the way children play has moved from outdoor activities to sitting in front of computer games for hours on end. These changes in the way kids interact and socialize sometimes means they rather stay in than explore the natural world around them. In the summer it is easier to get the whole family outside and enjoying outdoor spaces but when the winter comes (unless you have a sprinkling of snow), you won’t get the kids shifted from the couch. As parents, you probably spent hours outside making camps with friends and riding around the neighborhood, with only a curfew to stick to.

In more recent times, letting kids go out alone can be a worry so encouraging them to get outside can be a little more tricky. But if you’re looking for some creative ways to get everyone enjoying the great outdoors, check out these ways to bring playtime outside.

Create a garden space together

The garden is often seen as a space for adults to look after but by encouraging kids to take care of their surroundings, you could make this into a fun and interactive experience. Make some space for their own patch so they can plant flowers and foliage to encourage minibeasts to visit. You could also incorporate other elements such as butterfly or birdhouses so they can watch them popping by each day. Water features are also a great addition to a garden, and these examples from Water Garden help to create a calming and pretty feature for the garden.

Buy giant games

If you’re kids love board games, then why not supersize them and get some giant garden games for them to play. You can get everything from checkers, chess, and Tic Tac Toe, plus there are other popular games such as Jenga and Twister to get everyone involved.

Ball games

Most children love kicking a ball around but if you don’t have the space for fear of broken windows, then opting for a basketball net could help them get outside. If you attach a net or have a freestanding one away from the house, this will help to keep the ball in this area without too much worry about it flying towards any breakables.

Get a pool

For ultimate fun, getting a pool is an excellent idea for the whole family to enjoy. If you don’t have the funds to get one installed, then there are a host of standalone options suited to the size of your garden. Kids love splashing around for hours, and it’s great for keeping everyone cool in the hot summer months.

Play together

There is nothing kids love more than some love and affection, and sometimes all you need to do to get them outside is to join in the fun too. Once they see you getting involved and enjoying yourself, it encourages everyone to chill out and have a great time.

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