4 Protective Pieces of Gear for Your Active Family


One of the things that you always want to do is keep your family active. This may mean playing sports. It might mean getting out and doing things actively outside. It could mean participating in group activities of some sort. The point is to keep moving. However, movement also entails the possibility for injury or accident. And that’s where protective pieces of gear come into play.

So what are some typical injuries that you want to prevent against? You don’t want anything happening to your family’s teeth. You certainly don’t want any head injuries. No one wants to have broken hands or cut fingers. And scraping knees and elbows can be extremely painful if you don’t protect them. Keeping all those things in mind, you configure on some pretty good protective gear to keep yourself and your family safe.

Mouth Guards 

If anyone in your family plays sports, there is always the potential for injury or damage to your teeth or mouth. That’s why you need to invest in mouth guards that are specific to every activity. Anytime there is a ball or other competitors that can throw elbows or even accidentally hit you or a family member in the mouth, you need to have something there protecting you. Find a mouthguard that fits and has the right level of protection, and use it every single time you play.


If there’s a chance that you were a family member can hit your head on something or something can knock you on the head, then you need to have a helmet on. The classic example would be that you need to wear a bike helmet every time you’re out on the road with a bicycle. Even if you think they’re uncomfortable or make you look silly, they are the difference between standing up from falling and getting back on your bike versus having a brain injury. That decision is easy.

Work Gloves 

For active family members, you use your hands all the time. It’s how you use tools for construction. It’s how you pot plants or work in the garden. It’s how you clean or organize. If you want to avoid cuts, bruises, scrapes, or other issues with your hands and fingers, buy a good pair of work gloves for everyone in the house. The expense will be worth it to be a preventative against injury.

Knee and Elbow Pads  

Especially when people get older, knees and elbows can get cranky, and they can be more easily bruised, scraped, cut, or injured. If you are a family member is doing anything where you are on your knees or have the potential for banging your elbows on things, why not spend a few dollars and get some good knee pads and elbow pads to keep yourself safe and risk-free.

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