3 Alternative Baby Items You Need to Try

Havinga new baby whether you’re a first-time mom or not is a unique experience. You learn new things about the little humans youare raising as well as about yourself. Aside from this, you also learn so muchabout other things that you probably didn’t once pay attention to like what youeat and products that you put on your body. Thisisborn out of the love and maternalinstinct every parent usually has that makes them go to all lengths to protecttheir child.

baby item

Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking at alternatives to everyday items to save money or because you want to try something safer, here are a few below.


One of the most common things that every parent needsare diapers. Until your child is old enough to be potty trained, it’s the only option you really have. However, diapers can run up quite a bill over time,and you may go through them more times a day than you’d like. Also, diapers aren’t exactly environmentally friendly as they can’t be recycled and just add to the ongoing landfill issue.

Alternative: The perfect alternative to traditional diapers would be cloth diapers which can be washed and reused. Instead of finding yourself buying endless diapers, you could pop them in the wash instead which is also better for the environment. They also come in different styles, sizes,andcolors which can make them appealing as well.


Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to clean up after your baby more than a few times a day.This is where wipes save the day as you can quickly clean your baby, any minor messes they’ve made, as well as their hands and mouths if necessary.

Alternative:The alternative to buying wipes is actually making your own at home. Before you panic, you should know that it’s relatively easy to do and could be healthier for your baby as you could ensurethey’re chemical free. To make these wipes, get bulk dry cleansing cloths and a reusable container.You will then need to make a homemade baby wipe solution out of water, baby oil, baby wash, and other essential oils if you want. Alternatively, you could buy organic wipes like Natracare, Waterwipes, or Bambo.

Baby Carrier

As a new mom, you probably find yourself zooming from task to task in order to make sure you get everything done. If you have a small child, you maybe used to hauling them around in a baby carrier so that you can multitask. There are different kinds of carriers which include ones that hold them in the front and back of you.There is an alternative that may be both cheaper and eco-friendlier if you desire so.

Alternative: An alternative to a baby carrier would be a sling. This is a greatalternative as it can be wrapped in so many different ways and is often more affordable as well. To use a baby sling, safely, take precautions to prevent suffocation and make sure your little one is securely attached to your body. Also, make sure it’s made from a strong and durable fabric too. Baby items come in so many different shapes and forms beyond the ones you see every day.As long as you’re open to trying something new, you may find that the switchover is one of the best decisions you’ve made.

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