Steps To Take When Your Child Isn’t Feeling Well

Unfortunately, there will be times when your child isn’t going to feel well and needs your help and assistance. What you don’t want to do is panic or assume the worst about what’s occurring and end up working yourself up over nothing.

There are steps you can take when your child isn’t feeling well that will allow you to work through this situation in a calm and logical manner. You should definitely listen to your child and hear them out without jumping to any conclusions. Take comfort in knowing that with the right approach they’ll likely be feeling more like themselves again shortly.

Gather More Information

One step you can take when your child isn’t feeling well is to gather more information from them. Ask your child questions that will help you to better determine their symptoms and how poorly they truly feel. This is a good time to also pull out any books or resources you have and try to determine what it may be and how you can help them improve.

Take Their Temperature

When your child isn’t feeling well, it’s a wise idea to take their temperature and see if they have a fever. This will be a good indicator if it’s a more serious matter or if they simply need to lie down for a while. It’s a good idea to have a thermometer at home so you can quickly determine their status on your own.

Have Them Rest

A short-term solution for when your child isn’t feeling well is to have them rest and take a break. It’s probably in their best interest to stay home from school so that they don’t spread their germs to others. See if they’re able to sleep and take a nap and how they feel when they get up and start moving around again.

See A Doctor

Another step you should take when your child isn’t feeling well is to take them to the doctor. This is especially important and practical if their symptoms are getting worse and what you’re doing at home to cope isn’t working. If you experience negligence or a misdiagnosis, then know you can get in touch with a clinical negligence solicitor in Leeds or wherever you are based who can walk you through your rights and next steps.

Comfort Them

When your child isn’t feeling well what you can do is comfort themin the moment and let them know all is going to be okay. All they may need is some extra love and attention to help them through this frustrating time. Offer to make them food if they want to eat and provide them with a quiet place to rest.

Make Sure They Stay Hydrated

Additionally, you’re going to want to make sure your child stays hydrated when they’re not feeling well. Have them drink plenty of fluids, especially water, so that their body can recover more quickly. If they become dehydrated they’re only going to feel worse and they may become even sicker than they already are.