Self-Care 101: Recovering Your Beauty After Having a Baby

Although giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences that a woman can experience, the aftermath can feel less than your best.  Between your body stretching out and deflating, becoming a human milk machine, and staying up all night with a screaming baby, you can start to feel downright haggard.


Although you should congratulate yourself on the incredible journey you’ve been on that’s led you to motherhood, it’s normal to feel less than your best self.

Here are some of the best ways for new moms to restore their beauty and start feeling good about themselves from the inside out.

Practice Proper Skincare

One of the biggest indications of a tired new mom is dry skin and bags under your eyes.  It can be hard to keep up with a regular beauty routine when all of your focus is on the baby.  New moms may start to wonder if they’ll look this tired forever.

While getting a facelift may be a solution one day in the future, you can stick to skincare for now.  You should apply a daily moisturizer and under eye cream.  Doing so will help provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs and protect your eyes from puffiness.

For extra results, consider using a weekly liquid exfoliant as well to reveal younger skin.

Start An Exercise Routine

Once your doctor gives you the green light to be able to exercise, you should definitely start.  Working out isn’t just about looking good.  It’s about feeling confident and strong.

Taking the time every time to give back to yourself and keep your body fit isn’t selfish.  It’s practicing self-care.  By giving more to yourself, you’ll be able to provide more to your baby. Try to engage in a daily workout that makes you feel energized!

Invest In Some Shapewear

Even though you may be eager to get back to that pre-pregnancy bod as soon as possible, it may not be for a while.  The average woman takes about two years to get back down to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Be patient with your body to work its way back to where it was.  In the meantime, purchase some high-quality shapewear.  Wearing shapewear may make you feel more confident by smoothing down trouble zones.

Accept Help From Friends and Family

Sometimes you just need a minute.  New moms are so focused on giving their baby everything that they need that it can start to make them forget that they have needs too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help from friends and family.  Have a friend come over and watch the baby while you go catch a movie, or go eat at a restaurant with your partner.

If you continuously drain yourself without ever filling your tank, you’ll eventually burn out.