4 Important Reasons You Should Have Savings

Most people have heard at some point that they should be saving their money.  However, knowing you should do it and putting it into action are two different things.  A lot of people would rather rely on credit or wait for the worst to happen before taking action.


However, this kind of mentality is dangerous.  Not only can it lead to financial disasters, but it can affect you and your family’s safety.  You want to make sure that you can take care of your family without having to lose everything.  Not convinced yet? Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should be putting your money away. 


Even though the last thing on your mind at this point in your life may be retirement, it’s something you should always plan for.   One day you won’t be able to work or rely on a consistent paycheck. Now is the time to start putting away money for your older years. 

Relying on social security checks alone will not guarantee you a comfortable lifestyle. You should be investing in a retirement account so that you have a nice cushion to lean on in the absence of future income. 

Paying Off Debts

 As long as you’re in debt, you’ll never be entirely in control of your expenses. Debt is like a ball and chain attached to your ankle, never allowing you to have full power of your money.   Putting money aside specifically for paying off your bills can help you to get entirely out of debt one day.

Imagine all the money you put towards your debt every month going straight in your pocket instead.  Imagine what a different quality of life you have. You could have all that if only you saved more.

Unexpected Home Repairs

Life has a funny way of throwing challenges your way when you least expect them.  If your roof were to cave in tomorrow, how would you pay for it? Would you be able to repair a burst pipe or replace your water heater? 

Having emergency savings on hand for home repairs is incredibly important as a homeowner.  Don’t leave things to chance. Prepare yourself for the worst and have money set aside for taking care of your family’s home.

Unexpected Unemployment

Losing your job suddenly can be a huge blow to your financial situation. Experts recommend having at least three months of salary put aside in case you find yourself without work.   That way, you know that you can cover your bills and basic necessities until you find another source of income. You can’t count on the bank to lend you money when you don’t have any way of proving you can pay it back.