Fun and Different Things to Do With Your Friends

You’ve gone to clubs, spas, restaurants and spin classes. Now you need a new idea for something fun to do with your posse. Have fun and shake things up with some hands-on activities that will keep your friends talking about how brilliant your ideas are for years.


Participate in a Murder Mystery

What could be more fun than to be part of a murder mystery dinner? Train ride shows Tampa Bay lets you free your inner sleuth while you enjoy a train ride and multi-course dinner. Why not dress up in period costumes while you are at it? You’ll really feel like you are part of the show.

Take an Aerial Class

Have you ever seen the fantastic aerial stunts that Pink does in her concerts? If you want to try it, sign up for an aerial class. Rings, silks and ropes are not only an amazing full-body workout, but it is as fun to watch as to perform. Nothing releases stress like laughing at yourself when you realize how terrible you are at first or the excitement of doing something you didn’t think you could do.

Play Laser Tag

This game can bring out the competitor in even the most unassuming person. It’s fun, exciting and you will probably sweat and laugh your rear end off before you are done. Many places that offer laser tag also have other fun games, activities, food or drinks. Make a bet that the losing team buys the first round of drinks or snacks when you finish. 

Do Tai Chi in the Park

One activity that can be done by every person no matter the age or level of fitness is Tai Chi. It is reportedly good for stress relief and joint issues like arthritis. Some combine it with meditation for an even more relaxing and healthy activity. Even if you don’t feel stressed, who can object to a peaceful day in the park with your besties?

Take a Class in Mixology

For a different take on a bar experience, why not learn to make great cocktails? Many clubs, bars and gastropubs are now offering classes in mixology. Learn to make your own infusions and how to use herbs or other ingredients to create one of a kind cocktails. Who knows, maybe you can start a whole new career as a mixologist for hire or at least have the experience for you and your friends to hold a mix-off at your next party.