5 Ways To Eliminate Distractions While Driving

Although we might like to believe that we’re perfect, the truth is that no one is. When driving your kids around, it’s easy to find yourself getting distracted. Today’s modern culture has made us addicted to multi-tasking and allowing our attention to shift from place to place. 


However, thousands of accidents happen every year, and a good portion of them are a result of distracted driving. In order to avoid getting into a car accident yourself, follow these tips to ward off distractions. 

Put Your Phone In Your Glove Compartment

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. The minute that you get into your car put your cell phone in a place where you won’t be able to see it. Most people find that the glove compartment makes a great hiding spot.

Even if you want to look at your phone, it will be too difficult to reach over and get it. If you’re someone who finds themselves bending the rules, you may even want to consider putting it in the trunk!

Use a GPS Device For Navigation

Some people can’t seem to fight the temptation of looking at their phone if it makes the slightest beep or notification. It can be extra challenging to resist looking at a notification if you’re using your phone for navigation

Therefore, if you use your phone regularly for it’s GPS, then consider ditching your phone’s navigation app and getting a GPS device instead. Separating your phone from your navigation will ensure that you keep your eyes on where you’re going rather than how many likes you’ve gotten. 

Pull Over For Backseat Arguments

Kids can be rowdy in the backseat, especially if there are several siblings. When you’re driving, it can be distracting to try to break up arguments behind you.

Rather than trying to deal with what’s going on in the back seat while driving, pull over if it’s urgent. If it’s truly urgent and you have to deal with it as soon as possible, then at least make sure you’re not doing it while driving. 

Don’t Adjust The Music Unless You’re At a Full Stop

Although adjusting the music may seem innocent enough, you have to take your eyes off the road to do it. Don’t mess with the music at all while your car is accelerating.

Do Your Makeup and Hair Before You Leave The House

It may sound crazy, but you’d be surprised how many people do their makeup in the car because they left late for where they’re going. They pull their mirrors down and apply makeup while driving, which is incredibly distracting.

Not only does it take your attention off the road, but you can even stab yourself in the eye. Do yourself a favor and do your makeup at home!