3 Top Items to Use as Promotional Merchandise: Using Tangibility to Reach Marketing Excellence

In spite of the digital revolution which will continue to evolve and reach new heights in the coming years, offline marketing tactics are not going to become irrelevant anytime soon. The reason why that’s an assured fact is rooted in our existence as tangible beings!

The three items that we are going to mention next, combine the tangibility of a merchandising item with practical usability, making them reliable marketing investments.

Promotional Merchandise

Travel Mugs

Few items are as effective in making a connection with target customers as the travel mug. When you use branded travel mugs to represent your company, you’ll find multiple reasons why they are effective, including:

  • People carry travel mugs on business trips, which is ideal for getting your brand more exposure
  • The hot water and coffee carried in them provides convenience and comfort in adverse situations, creating positive associations
  • The mug has no identity except the one you give it; an association with the travel mug is an association with your brand


We do have smartphones and tablets that are capable of taking handwritten notes these days, but traditional notebooks cannot be replaced by most digital devices.There are multiple reasons why the traditional notebook is practical, including:

  • It’s irreplaceable for taking fast notes in shorthand
  • No digital device with a stylus is as convenient to use as the simple notebook & pen combo is
  • The cost-efficiency, mobility, universal usability and convenience of a notebook cannot be replaced by anything else

All of this and more makes the classic, notebook irreplaceable as a tool in the office, which in turn, makes them unmatched merchandising products in terms of engaging customers/clients directly and usefully.

USB Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is an excellent product for tech merchandising, and it has gained significant popularity with companies in all industries. Following are just some of the reasons why a USB flash drive is effective for offline merchandising:

  • You can imprint brand/product logos on them and choose any colour-combo you want
  • The entire flash drive could be made to look like a product (bottle, shapes, novelty items, figurines, etc.)
  • They are extremely useful, mobile storage tools in an office environment
  • Adding a personalised, branding message to a USB drive is easily done
  • They are used daily by most people, including businessmen and women, and students

It should be noted that billboards and posters have lost some of their marketing effectiveness because they primarily rely on visual appeal alone. As electronic media can provide the same visual appeal in more variety and at higher quality today, a marketer needs to work with merchandising items that go beyond just the visual. On the other hand, from the notebook to the travel cup, each of the products mentioned on this list engage multiple senses,while becoming integrated with a customer’swork/life by serving a purpose. This is the main reason why they work so well even today, and are worthy merchandising items to invest in.