4 Ways To Make Your House Feel More Homely

Having kids is wonderful, but does it sometimes feel as though you’ve lost your home to the toys, games, and schoolwork that seems to accumulate? If so, you might be wondering how to get it back to how you want it, while still allowing your kids to have their freedom and space. The key is to make sure your own personality is able to shine through, and to keep at least one room as a more adult space to enjoy when you need a break. Here are some ways to make your house feel more homely.

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Sometimes a home can feel less than homely because the walls are extremely bare. We spend a lot of time concentrating on other aspects of the house, but the walls are often forgotten. So how can youuse the space on the walls to make your home feel more like a representation of who you are? The answer is art.

By placing artwork on the walls, you will instantly make the house a much more comfortable and interesting place to be. The art can show off your personality, and this is true for your kids, too: each family membercan choose art for the walls of their own rooms, allowing everyone to enjoy it, fostering a sense of art appreciation in your kids, and making the house a more comfortable space to be in.


It’s amazing what some flowers in a vase can do to change the way you feel about your home. Place them on a windowsill or table and the room will instantly look brighter and happier. Remember, of course, to keep them out of the reach of small children to avoid any accidents.

What’s really great about flowers is that they actually purify the air, ridding your home of toxins. It’s no wonder that you will feel lighter and brighter when there are flowers in a room.

If you don’t like the idea of picked flowers, you can easily opt for something longer lasting. A potted plant will be just as lovely and will still make the air purer. You could even have the kids water it as part of their household chores.


Now that you’ve dealt with the walls by hanging art on them, what about your floors? Are they bland and boring? Are they all the same neutral color? Or are they all wooden and attractive but ultimately dull? If so, why not check out Orientalist Rug and see if a beautiful Persian rug would make your room a more pleasant space to be in?

Rugs can quickly create a warm, homely feel in a room that would otherwise be bare and uninspiring. The key to a great rug is to pick one that fits the room and furniture in it. A rug that’s too small will look silly, and a rug that’s too big will take over the room completely.

Declutter Finally, one of the best actions you can take if you want your house to be more homely and a more comfortable place to be is to declutter. This doesn’t just mean the kids’ toys, although that will be part of it; it means everything. If you don’t use it and it’s taking up space, it’s time to give it to charity, sell it, or take it to the dump. You will feel a lot better once it’s done.