Signs Your Child Needs a Bigger Room

There comes a time when it seems like your kid is growing out of everything they have. Their shoes need replacing twice a year, their clothes don’t fit, they’ve been in and out of phases with different books, games and TV shows and they’ve got a new best friend every week.

One aspect you as a parent should be keeping your eye on is when they’re outgrowing their bedroom too. It could be that they need a bigger room, a bigger bed, a new theme, or more storage space — or, indeed, a complete clear out.

kids bedroom

There’s too much clutter

A telling sign that your child has outgrown their room is that there is too much clutter everywhere. Children naturally have a right to be messy. You really expect that shirt to go back on its hanger? It’s clutter such as personal belongings, presents they’ve received or school bits and bobs that you need to look out for. These are typical objects that will be lying on the floor and around the bed not because your kid hasn’t put them away, but because there’s isn’t anywhere for them to go.

When this reaches unmanageable levels, moving them to a bigger room in the house or having a complete clear out and reorganization might be necessary.

They’re getting frustrated

Another sign to look out for is that your child is getting frustrated with their room. If it is messy, if they don’t have space to put anything or they’re simply feeling cramped inside their four walls, it is only natural that they will get aggravated. If your kid is complaining about their room or you hear them venting to another family member or their friends that their room is too small, you could consider an upgrade.

They’ve started spending more time there

This is more at your own discretion, if you think your kid needs it. When children grow up, they naturally start spending more time in their room. If their room is cramped and childish while they are beginning to need increased space and a more adult tone to their quarters, it could be time to size it up or at least redecorate it. Ask your child if they want it repainted or if they want some of their furniture replaced. It can be an activity you do together to bond and give them a better place to study, listen to music and call friends.

They’re rearranging it

Finally, it’s possible that your kid will take matters into their own hands. If they are so fed up with their old room that they have started to reorganize it themselves, then it’s probably a sign they want something new. If you have the funds and the space, give your child’s bedroom an extension. Contact a roofing company and the other relevant professionals to get the job done properly and to give your kid the luxurious space they deserve.  Whatever the reason and whatever signals your child is giving off, giving them a new, bigger or simply reorganized bedroom will benefit them in the short and the long term. They will be ecstatic with their new space and can help you pick out the color of the walls and its new furniture. As they grow into a teenager and an adult, they have a room more fitted to their needs.