3 Tips For Parenting In 2021


Having children and raising them to be good people is difficult, scary, and stressful, but also oh so rewarding. Though many of the difficulties have been faced by parents for a very long time, there are also challenges that are unique to the modern era. Here are 3 tips to help you be a better parent in 2021.

Move To A Place More Conducive To Raising Kids 

Moving may seem like a big thing, and it is, but where you live is where your children are going to grow up and it should be safe, have good school districts, and perhaps in a more quiet place outside of a big city. Right now it’s what they call a “seller’s market” meaning that it’s a great time to put your house on the market and you should be able to sell your house quickly.

Talk this over with your spouse/partner if you have one and your children to see if it could be a smart decision for your family right now, and then if it feels right take the leap! Your kids will remember the house they grew up in forever.

Teach Your Kids How How To Survive  Without Technology 

Although technology is such a huge part of kids’ lives today, it is important that your children have the skills to be able to survive without it. At risk of them calling you old, talk to them about what life was like before there were cell phones and laptops.

When they learn to drive, try to instill a sense of direction in them so that they can get around even if their phone dies and they can’t access their map app. And most importantly of all, spend time with them outdoors and teach them to appreciate and enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

Talk To Your Kids About Sex 

Teenagers have always snuck around behind their parents backs since the dawn of time, but in this day and age kids are seemingly having sexual relations more and more and at younger ages than ever before. You may try to shield them from it for as long as possible, but the truth is they are going to learn about sex pretty early on whether through other kids at school, a sexual education class, or the internet.

It’s better for them to get the information from you first so that you have the opportunity to teach them about safety. These types of conversations can be uncomfortable but are necessary and can also be great bonding moments.

Pat yourself on the back for being out there parenting in 2021, because it certainly isn’t easy! Hopefully these tips can help you out in some way.