3 Things In Your Home That Your Kids Will Make A Mess Of

It’s a well known fact among parents everywhere that kids are messy. Huge messes are inevitable when you have children – whether you only have one or have a house full of them! Due to this, you have probably discovered some very innovative ways to clean up after them.

But sometimes your kids make messes that you never thought were possible! Here are 3 things in your home that your kids will inevitably make a mess of at some point in time.


Many people who have children or pets choose to have their carpets replaced in favor of easier to clean floors such as hardwood or tile. But if you still have carpeting and you also have children, you should consider getting your carpets cleaned by a professional on a semi-regular basis. Carpets get dirty very quickly with kids around because of all the dirt they track in, liquids they spill, etc. and if you don’t keep up on cleaning them it can get out of control to the point where the flooring will have to be replaced entirely.


Furniture in all rooms of your home can easily be ruined by your kids if you aren’t careful. Especially when they are young, make sure to keep an eye on them around your expensive furniture for their own safety as well as to save yourself money! Try having rules in place such as no eating or drinking on couches or in bed – or if they are allowed to have beverages make sure they only use cups with lids. Things like this will reduce messes and hopefully prevent you from having to replace your furniture too often.


One of those stereotypes that’s actually true – kids draw on walls! It’s just a simple fact. If you have crayons, markers, paint, or even lipstick around – your children will use these things to draw on the walls in your home at some point. While your initial reaction may be anger, try to stay calm and remember that they are just expressing themselves artistically. Most kid’s art supplies are made with this in mind and are washable. You can scrub these things, as well as hand prints, off your walls – and once your kids get older, walls are easily painted over. So as they say, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Just because kids are messy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do what you can to try to prevent and deal with those messes. It is definitely still possible to have a nice home even after you have children, it just may take a little more effort in order to do so!