How to have a fragrant home

fragrant home

Having a home that is always fragrant and smells clean, fresh and good, how nice is it to come home and feel welcomed by a good perfume? How relaxing is a home that smells of our favorite aroma, of freshly made cleaning, or of that wonderful smell of fresh laundry lying in the sun!

But how do you get a home that is always fragrant and smells clean, in an easy, fast and ecological way?

Let’s not be scared, exhausting and daily cleaning marathons are not necessary because our home always smells fresh and clean. Instead, we can put into practice some practical advice that will make us reach our goal in a simple and safe way without tiring and, above all, without exposing ourselves to health dangers.

Constantly ventilate the rooms

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones we take the least into consideration. Maybe we try to find new and original ways to perfume the rooms of our home and we don’t take into consideration the most obvious but, at the same time, the most important things. Make sure your home has proper ventilation of air passing; it will make your home cool and fresh. Its amazing to play pokies online real money australia in a fresh room.


Airing the house daily is one of them.

The rooms of our house need clean air, oxygen, sunshine. It is essential to air the house every morning and, if possible, several times a day. A constant exchange of fresh and clean air guarantees:

  • The elimination of the carbon dioxide produced with the breath during the hours of the day
  • The availability of new oxygen
  • The ‘ disinfectant’ action of the sun’s rays against dust mites and microorganisms that lurk in the darkness and dust of our environments, such as molds , which tend to form easily in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Elimination of bad odors due to food preparation or the presence of pets

Every morning, therefore, immediately after waking up and regardless of the season in which we find ourselves, let’s remember to open the windows and let in fresh and clean air. In winter 5 minutes will be enough in each room, also not to make the temperature drop excessively by stressing the heating system. In the other seasons we can also opt for longer times, letting the sun’s rays radiate as much as possible in our rooms. Make room airy ,sunny and it will give you a good feel when you try newzealand casino.

Keep the house clean

As we said at the beginning, it is not necessary to carry out long cleaning sessions every day , but it is clear that the house must be kept clean if we want it to smell clean and fresh.

So, if we already have our own well-tested cleaning routine, let’s stick to that: it will be more than enough to guarantee us the result we are trying to achieve, if followed consistently.

Preventing bad smells in the bathroom

The bathroom, together with the kitchen, is the room that contributes the most to creating a bad smell in our home. Not only for its physiological function as a sanitary place, but also because it is the place where – in the absence of laundry – we keep our dirty clothes.

Preventing bad smells in the kitchen

Here too, strictly speaking, we cannot hope to have a fragrant home if we let the dirty dishes stand in the sink or that food residues remain on the hob.

The kitchen should be cleaned after each use. We must eliminate food stains that have fallen on the hob and various surfaces, clean the surfaces and sink well, wash the dishes or load them in the dishwasher.

Let’s learn how to properly separate waste and throw it out daily

One of the factors that most influences the aroma of our home is the presence of foul- smelling waste.

We could never have a house that smelled really clean if the leftovers of food remained in our waste bin for days. Therefore, we correctly differentiate the waste and learn to throw away the wet and unsorted waste every night when we clean up the kitchen.

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