How to organize a surprising and inclusive lunch in the garden

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How to organize a successful, enjoyable, fun, ecological and inclusive garden lunch in a simple way?

There are many variables to consider with respect to the traditional organization of a meal with friends in the kitchen or living room, and they range from seating, to the menu, to lighting.

The risk of creating an uncomfortable and annoying experience, much worse than the home one, is really high, because there are so many factors due to being outdoors that can mess up the cards (and cutlery!) On the table: the wind, insects, lighting, and cold.

In this guide we will give you some tips to avoid all possible inconveniences and thus ensure the deserved success of the lunch you are organizing. Make some arrangement of indoor gaming like aussie pokies for your guest.

Organize a lunch in the garden: start from the seats

The first step to your perfect garden lunch is to arrange the seating. Based on the number of guest, and therefore the number of chairs needed, try to figure out how many tables to use.

If you have a lot of space and your garden allows you to arrange them in a particular way, you can be imaginative and adapt well to any unevenness of the ground, or to the presence or absence of light and consequent heat, especially considering that at rush hour, when have lunch, the sun beats strong and could cause temperatures to rise a lot.

Arrange the chairs around them so that there is enough space for everyone to be comfortable and to cope with any last minute additions, and also make sure you have enough and some spare , as usually the garden ones are less. Resistant and it could always happen that one breaks. Give them a chance to play an enjoy some games like jeux casino en ligne.

Finally, check the quality of both the chairs and the table so they don’t wobble and make lunch hell.

Do not forget to be inclusive

People with disabilities or difficulties in movement may not be able to walk on meadows or gravel soils. Fat people may have trouble sitting on overly light chairs, or non-outdoor chairs that sink into the ground.

Always remember that people’s well-being comes first and these small precautions are a due kindness, towards the people you love and your guests, to avoid embarrassing them and having to reveal difficulties in front of everyone and everyone.

A menu for lunch in the garden: tasty, but comfortable

A final series of tips that we want to give you about the menu to prepare. The classic barbecue is always an excellent solution, but not recommended for various reasons: it is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it tends to extend the duration of the lunch too much and for those who take care of the barbecue it can be very tiring.

Also remember that there are more and less suitable foods for eating outdoors, especially in the heat: first of all, avoid dishes that are too heavy, as being outdoors you are probably in a hot season, during which something is obviously preferable more light.

Better to prefer foods that can be eaten fresh or at room temperature and that, without a refrigerator, can be stored easily without deteriorating.

Go for fresh, quick and tasty food, and above all easy to eat, such as a rice salad, rolls with cheese, quiches with vegetables, salads of all kinds.

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