Organize house cleaning with the collaboration of the whole family

house cleaning

I have always tried to organize house cleaning efficiently and quickly because I like to live in a clean and tidy house, but I don’t like to work hard. Yes, it’s the story of my life: minimum effort, maximum yield. I don’t think I’m the only one who, in front of a tidy and clean house, feels a sense of joy: knowing that you have space and light around you is always a good feeling.

The downside is the effort of obtaining this result on a daily basis, and above all the mental load that derives from it. Especially in this period, in which we are all involved in smart working, DAD, the house that is lived in H24, keeping the house clean and tidy can become a business. Can you do it as a family? We do not.

Above all, one thing I would like to discuss here together: not only the daily fatigue, but the distribution of the mental load. Reduce your mental load by playing online pokies australia for real money players.

Divide the mental burden of housework

We have grown up in a historical moment that has forced us to believe that, especially as women, to be worth something we must be able to do everything well, in a short time and without help.

But that’s not true: the value of a person is not deduced from the fact that they are able to manage their commitments completely by themselves.

We are our skills, our many resources, and our potential. But we are also PEOPLE, and as such we deserve our space and our time, like everyone and everyone.

Easy and effective cleaning

This is why I am convinced that the domestic organization, understood as the management of the house and the tasks it requires, is not a business for women, something that we have to take care of by taking full physical and mental burden on it. But, on the contrary, a commitment of the entire family community that lives in the house.

And for this to become a reality it is necessary to set up a well-structured routine for everyone. Take some time for your self such time for gossiping with friends or playing online game like machine à sous en ligne.

So, when it comes to cleaning in an easy, fast and effortless way, the method can only be one: organize yourself well ALL AND ALL TOGETHER.

Whether you are working outside the home or working from home, there is no way to keep the house clean with little effort, if you are disorganized and especially if everyone does not do their part.

Half an hour a day is enough

The watchword is constancy: you need to do little every day. Only in this way can the house be kept in a state of general cleanliness and decency, proof of joy!


I know that now you don’t believe me because, like us, you start from a situation of general chaos, where maybe there is stuff everywhere: clothes to fold and put away, objects out of place, a thousand things around the house.

Let’s make a list of things to hang on the fridge

To avoid wandering around the house in that half hour of intensive cleaning, we create a very trivial sheet to hang on the fridge with the names of all the family members and as many boxes as there are days of the week.

Minimalism, or easier to keep in order

As the half hours pass, we try to get rid of the things that are not needed, that clutter, that we can give or sell.

Slowly we try to free the house so that it is not full of junk: this is the only way to be able to keep it in order every day and not have to start over!

All family members must take responsibility: it is not only important that they all do something, it is also important that they become orderly and responsible in their own affairs, so that it is not necessary to add to our burden the burden of other people’s things (for example: if the children learn to dress and prepare themselves for school, we parents will have time to make the beds and vacuum.

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