Digital awareness for families and teens


After and during the lockdown we understood the importance of knowing how to best handle digital tools. Not only to handle them manually, or to know how to enter a password or operate a video call.

Above all, we have understood that what we need, today and in the future. Acquire a greater awareness of the digital world – especially as parents in order to educate our children to use the Internet in a safe, informed and effective way.

Google isn’t just a search engine. Google is the most used search browser to date.

But the Google world is much more than what we know, and in fact during the lockdown we discovered that Google is also Classroom, Meet, and maybe Google Docs.

We are wondering, but is all of this useful? I tell you yes!

It is useful because it teaches us new skills. No longer ‘the elusive Office package’, but a complete platform, the G-suite, which will surely be used by our children in their future workplaces.

As parents, until now we were probably used to a superficial digital use, limited interactions to click on an emoji, a voice on whatsapp, a comment or an answer. But there are tools that allow us to do much more, to make a digital interaction as similar as possible to the live experience and experience of

It is true that it is not the same, but in difficult times, finding a way to stay in touch, to be able to see each other, is vital.

So here is the second reason why digital is useful to us: to stay in touch with others and others.

We thought Facebook was enough but no. Having to stay at home and away from our loved ones, family and friends, we had the opportunity not only to hear them, but also to see them through video calls.

Those who worked had the opportunity to continue holding meetings, working as a team. They can enjoy playing online casinos with different persons.

The student had the opportunity to take online courses, or even lectures and events open to the public.

How much does the time dedicated to digital become ‘too much’?

I have heard parents complain that being too much in front of the screens for the DAD was not good, forgetting how long they let their children stay before the lockdown in front of the screens of smartphones, tablets, video games etc.

Controlling the time our children spend on digital devices is called Time Screening: a list of rules for determining how long you can stay in front of the screens.

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