Top Tips for College Study as a Parent


Studying can be a very stressful experience, and many individuals at college often find that they need to make some large adjustments to their schedule in order to fit their new educational commitments around their lives. This is especially so in the case of parents, who are returning to higher education more often than ever before. Studying counselling for substance abuse and similar degree programs can be significantly draining on students, which is why parents can often find juggling family life and academics difficult. We’ve put together some top tips to help parents succeed at college. Continue reading →

Clearing the Car Seat Confusion: Protect Your Baby by Avoiding the Top Installation Mistakes


With so many different car seats available these days that tailor to specific age groups, it’s no secret that the world of car seats can be confusing and complex for many parents. However, with statistics showing the number of road accidents to be on the rise in Canada, installing your baby’s car seat properly is essential to avoid disaster should an accident occur.
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Human Appeal teams up with Citizens UK for ‘listening campaign’


Human Appeal, an international charity that delivers aid and development programmes to help transform the lives of those in need around the world, have teamed up with Citizens UK for a new ‘listening campaign’. Working with Citizens UK’s Manchester chapter, which is known as Greater Manchester Citizens to promote social action and effective change throughout the city.

The campaign is intended to provide a forum for a diverse group of local residents and workers to discuss their insights and issues.

First meeting heralded ‘a success’

Human Appeal UK stated that the first meeting of the campaign had been “a success”. It noted that a group of residents gathered to take part in what was described as a “lively discussion” on issues ranging from transport integration to safety problems such as drug crime, burglary and antisocial behaviour. Cuts to the NHS in Manchester were also discussed, along with a shortage of easily accessible and affordable childcare. The key issues were identified during a series of group discussions and personal testimonials.

According to Human Appeal, the event demonstrated local people’s commitment to getting involved in social action within their communities.

The next steps

The organisation went on to reveal that steps are already being taken to engage with the issues that were put under the spotlight in the meeting, adding that a second event was planned for the coming weeks. It also revealed that the findings of the meeting will be put before the candidates running for the position of mayor of Greater Manchester. This will happen at the Greater Manchester Citizen’s Mayoral Assembly, which is scheduled to take place on 1 May.

Commenting on the significance of the initial meeting in its campaign with Citizens UK, Human Appeal described it as “an important step” in enhancing the power of the citizens of Stockport and the Greater Manchester area. The charity added that it intends to continue its work to ensure that the issues local people face are presented during the Citizens Assembly and beyond.

This listening campaign is just one of many UK prom dress projects that Human Appeal is involved in. The organisation runs initiatives spanning a wide range of areas, such as emergency flood relief, education and training and domestic abuse. This is all part of the charity’s aim to create positive social change and help to tackle social discrimination around the country among people of all beliefs and faiths.

Four Buzzworthy Blog Topics for Healthy Families in 2017

healthy family

While it may be cliché to make the resolution to be healthy in the wake of the new year, consider that just about everyone is looking for tips and shortcuts when it comes to their well-being.

Whether it’s losing weight or finding peace, millions of blog readers are hungry for information on how to improve their daily lives and are looking to the health blogosphere for guidance.
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Outdoor Learning Will Boost A Child’s Development

wholesale toupee and hair systems for men

We now know that outdoor learning will potentially positively impact the development of a child. However, this does not mean that it always works. Childhood is constantly changing and there are not many options we now have when referring to spending some time online. Natural environment exposure loss can have some negative consequences on the long run. Using some outdoor child play equipment is going to be something that has to be considered.
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Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Your garbage disposal has a fairly simple mechanism, consisting of rotating blades circulated by a motor system under the sink. However, taking it for granted and dumping things indiscriminately into it can create problems. Just like a jammed toilet bowl, a jammed kitchen sink can create an emergency situation.

Anyone’s first response is to press the reset button to get things going. However, the right thing to do is to look for reliable 24 hour emergency plumbers. Chicago and its neighboring areas are served by some of the best plumbing services. For instance, you can get experienced and professional plumbers in Evanston, like Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services, which can quickly fix a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Here is a list of the common garbage disposal problems that homeowners face.

Leaky Garbage Disposal

Often, the problem could be a simple leak, and these can occur at several places on a disposal system. First of all, check your drain connections. If the leak is on the drain pipe, the rubber gasket will need replacing. If you have only recently installed the system, make sure that the ring around the sink flange is tight. If you haven’t found the leak yet, it is possible it is in the disposal body, and will need professional help.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

This happens when you can hear a humming sound from the motor but there is no grinding happening. It could also be that the disposal makes a lot of noise, or stops before it is actually turned off. The problem could be a fruit pit or a bone piece stuck between the drain hole and the impeller blade.

Stop running the disposal once you identify the problem to avoid burning the motor out. If there is a hex-shaped hole at the bottom, use a hex wrench or broom stick and try to rotate the impeller. Under no circumstances should you use your hands to remove something that might have caused the jamming. Look for emergency plumbers in Chicago that offer 24-hour plumbing help.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Work

Another problem is when the disposal doesn’t work but there is no humming sound either. It could be an electrical problem, so make sure the system is properly plugged in. Now, press the reset button and wait for it to pop out. In case this doesn’t work, look for plumbing services in Evanston. Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services provide garbage disposal support in the city.

Slow Draining

There are a number of reasons behind a disposal system that drains slowly. The most common is improper disposal. Assuming you have allowed enough time for the disposal to run, it could be a case of clogged drain line. Avoid using caustic drain opening agents or clog removers like Draino, since this could damage the disposal.

However, if you want to clear obstructions in the sink, do so using a sink auger. It is a better idea to look for emergency plumbers in Chicago that offer plumbing support 24 hours a day.

Foul Sewer Smell

Foul smell coming from your disposal unit is quite common and can be treated. Chop up a couple of lemons or an orange peel and place them in the disposal along with a few ice cubes. Run the disposal for half a minute and then spray a little liquid detergent while it is running. Run cold water at the end for 30 seconds so as to rinse the debris away.

Top Tips to Save on Kids’ Birthday Parties

Kids’ Birthday Parties

Birthday presents alone can add up. When you throw in decorations, party food, and party favours, birthdays can get pretty expensive. But throwing your child an amazing birthday party doesn’t have to break the bank. A little advance planning and creativity will ensure that your child has a wonderful time with friends, without the strain on your wallet.
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5 Tips To Overcome The Challenge of Being A Single Mother

The life of a single parent is quite interesting. A single mother should be able to perform the role of both parents on her own. Speaking to single moms, they usually sound like they always have a lot on their plate. We are all familiar with their usual complaints of having to rush home immediately from work, picking up the kids, dashing out to the supermarket and still being able to set dinner on the table.
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Motorized toys you can use on water


If you’re a bit of a speed freak and love to be out on the water or just love powered toys, there are plenty of things you can buy or hire to get your speed fix. From speedboats to jet boards there is something to suit everyone, no matter their age.

There are a lot of different activities and toys to choose from, but this is a selection of some of the best.
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Why a Career as a Tax Consultant Is Perfect for Moms


Just because you are a full-time mom, it doesn’t mean you can’t still grow on a personal level. A lot of moms are taking advantage of online learning programs to pick up new skills and pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree from the comfort of their homes. Others are starting online businesses run entirely from home. Working as a consultant is another great alternative to consider if you want to shape a better future for yourself and your children.
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