3 Benefits of Attending a Swim Camp This Summer


With summer now rapidly approaching, it is time to consider positive and helpful activities for the kids to be involved in. Swim camps warrant a great deal of consideration in this regard. There are some children that show a great deal of promise in this sport from an early age. While the school year often makes it difficult to focus on the finer mechanics of the swim stroke, the summer provides a focused opportunity to accomplish just this. There are many other ways that such a camp can provide structure to an otherwise mundane school break. Consider the following three benefits associated with attending a swim camp this summer.
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5 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Americans spend roughly 90 percent of their time indoors. Many of us probably think this is the safest place for us, away from smog and exhaust fumes. However, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air often has two to five times the pollutants you’ll find outdoors. If you notice these problems, your indoor air quality may be poor.

You’re Always Feeling Sick

Air Quality
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If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, and generally feeling unwell, you might blame a cold coming on or your allergies. However, poor indoor air also causes these common health complaints as well as irritated sinuses, sore throats, nausea, and headaches. In many cases, the symptoms will subside if you improve the air in your home. Rather than seeing a doctor when these symptoms flare, consider talking to an HVAC expert about your home’s air quality.

Your House Feels Humid

A humid house often has poor indoor air quality. A humid environment provides the perfect place for bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, and other allergens to thrive and grow. High humidity can also increase the levels of nasty chemicals, including formaldehyde and ozone, in the air. Reduce the humidity and you’re likely to improve your air quality.

You Can See Mold

Spotting mold in common places like your shower stall, around your air conditioner or fridge, or under your sink is a common sign of poor indoor air quality. Mold makes microscopic airborne particles that can contain allergens, inflammatory chemicals, and volatile organic compounds. These contaminants reduce the quality of air in the home. Get a professional to eliminate the mold, and you’re bound to breathe easier.

Your House Smells

A smelly house is embarrassing, but don’t just mask the odors with air fresheners. Instead, consider whether poor air quality could be the culprit. Mold, even if you can’t see it, dirty air filters, and dirty air ducts can create bad smells and reduce air quality in your home. Getting professionals to remove the mold or clean your HVAC system can correct the problem.

Your Home Is Dusty

Dust on your furniture is unsightly, but it’s also a major contributor to poor indoor air quality. They’re too tiny for you to see, but dust mites feed on the dust in your home. Dust mites reproduce, especially in humid conditions, and create waste. Dust, dust mites, and their waste products are easily disturbed as you move about your home. When they are, they become airborne and your indoor air quality decreases.

Dusting your home, washing bedding, and vacuuming soft furnishings at least once a week is a good way to remove dust and improve air quality. Changing your HVAC filter every month will ensure it can effectively remove the dust.

Once you know you have poor indoor air quality, you can do something about it. Along with the tips above, you could consider purchasing an air purifier to kill contaminants or an air cleaner to trap them. Whole-house ventilation systems, which remove pollutants from the home and let fresh, clean air in, can also improve the air in your home.

From Lemon to Luxury – The Art of Home Revitalisation


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Updating the look of your home with a refreshing new design concept and style choice will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it years ago. It can be hard to think of your home as just a set of empty rooms, that you have chosen to fill with certain things, but this means that if/when you want to you can strip it back to that clear space and start all over again designing your home.
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4 High-Efficiency Fixtures and Appliances You Shouldn’t Overlook

Do you feel like all your money goes toward paying your bills each month? If you think there’s nothing more you can do to decrease your monthly expenses, think again. There are plenty of great ideas you may not have considered or thought were a waste of time. One way to put money back in your pocket is to look for products bearing the Energy Star or WaterSense labels.
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5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Times have changed dramatically in the last few decades, and the way children play has moved from outdoor activities to sitting in front of computer games for hours on end. These changes in the way kids interact and socialize sometimes means they rather stay in than explore the natural world around them. In the summer it is easier to get the whole family outside and enjoying outdoor spaces but when the winter comes (unless you have a sprinkling of snow), you won’t get the kids shifted from the couch. As parents, you probably spent hours outside making camps with friends and riding around the neighborhood, with only a curfew to stick to.
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Air Purifiers Are Ideal Gadgets for Kids Rooms

kids room

All parents want to protect their children and keep them safe from different dangers. However, most of us often neglect the air pollution as a serious problem that many people face. Children are especially affected because their lungs are still developing and they need to breathe fresh and clean air. Those that are fortunate to live in clean natural environments are in advantage, but what happens with those that live in polluted cities and larger urban areas? Not all is lost, however, because today you can easily make the air cleaner and the environment safer if you choose to use air purifiers. These gadgets are cleaning the air inside your home, so you and your family will live healthier life. If you have children then a good idea would be to buy a purifier and install it in their room. That way you can rest assured that they are breathing fresh and clean air that has been purified from different pollutants.

Air purifiers have filters inside that can catch even the smallest particles, dusts and microorganisms. They prevent harmful bacteria from circulating in the room. Parents that have babies and small children would benefit a lot if they put such a purifier in their room because the purifier will make the air healthy and breathable. Today you can find all kinds of air purifiers on the market. There are very affordable options for every pocket, so it is advisable you make a little research and compare best affordable purifiers before buying one. In any case, buying an air purifier for your kid`s room is one of the best investments you can make. Remember that breathing clean air is very important, because unhealthy and polluted air can make your kids sick and prone to developing different health problems.

If you own a pet or you are a smoker then you should definitely consider buying one of these air purifiers. That is because smoke has many tiny particles and toxins that are not visible, but can harm kid`s health. Also the hair from pets contains different microorganisms that can lead to development of asthma and other respiratory issues. Therefore, if you have a baby or small children you should focus on doing everything you can to make the indoor air as clean as possible. You will quickly notice the positive difference if you put an air purifier in the room of your child. 

Today air purifiers are made to cover areas in different sizes. Smaller ones are ideal for small rooms, but you can also get a purifier that can clean the air in the entire home. As mentioned, there is wide variety of options when it comes to purifiers so do a research before buying one. Make sure you compare all characteristics and features of different purifiers and pick the one you believe is best for your home. No matter which type you choose you and your children will certainly experience all the benefits that come from them.

Improving Your Family’s Home Life By Improving Your Housing Situation


One way that you can improve your family’s home life is by making your housing situation better. And there are many different perspectives that you can approach this problem from. As long as everyone in your family is in agreement about some essential focal points, you should be able to start at your current situation and use your energy to move into a better one.
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Looking for a Sport for Your Child to Join – the List of Top Sports Worth Considering

Keeping your kids busy and healthy can pretty much feel like a full-time job. As a parent, you are constantly looking out for your child’s well-being, and always wanting what’s best for them. While a lot goes into the mix, one thing that can make a big difference in their physical, social, and mental well-being is to sign them up for sports. This can include team and solo sports, depending on your child’s age and interests. Continue reading →