How to Lead by Example for Your Kids

kids learning

Children will learn from their parents’ actions and behaviors each day. As you want your kids to lead healthy, happy lives, you must embody positive habits and encourage them to follow in your footsteps.

While you might not be 100% perfect all the time, you should adopt behaviors you would like them to follow into adulthood. Find out how to lead by example for your kids.

Don’t Criticize Yourself

Children will absorb more than you realize. If you criticize your appearance, clothing, or personality, it may result in your kids following a similar behavior. Picking out your various flaws will encourage your child to do the same. For this reason, you must avoid criticizing yourself in your children’s presence. It could help you raise confident, secure kids who will feel more comfortable in their skin once they reach adulthood.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Children will look to their parents for health guidance. If you overindulge in fatty foods, sugary drinks, or high-calorie snacks, they will think it’s okay to do the same. Set a good example by eating nutritious dishes, drinking plenty of water, and snacking on fruits and vegetables.

Also, adopt habits that convey the importance of caring for your health. For example, enjoy a cup of green matcha tea or another herbal option from It will prove the importance of filling your body with antioxidants and caring for your cholesterol and blood sugar. Drink a cup of tea each morning and encourage your kids to do the same as they grow older. It will help them maintain a fast metabolism, avoid disease, and enjoy greater energy levels.

Care for Others

Every parent wants to raise loving, kind-hearted children. Yet, your actions towards others may determine their nature and values. Develop compassionate kids by setting time aside to help others, such as driving a loved one to medical appointments, picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor, or volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Your caring actions may prevent your children from adopting a selfish attitude, and they’ll learn to put others’ needs ahead of their own. This mindset will serve them well throughout their lives, as they are more likely to develop healthy, loving relationships with a spouse, relatives, and friends.

Embody a Hard Work Ethic

Kids will look to their parents for professional direction. If you wake every day intending to work hard, grow your skills, and increase your earning potential, your children may adopt the same attitude when entering their careers.

If possible, encourage your kids to develop a hard work ethic from a young age by taking them along to your job. It will allow them to learn about your commitment to your job and hard work ethic. Also, instruct your children to complete tasks independently to improve their hard work ethic and teach them responsibility. For instance, once your kids become teenagers, ask them to schedule their medical appointments, fold laundry, or complete age-appropriate chores across the home.