1 month: emotional development

1 month emotional development

Emotional development

Talk about emotional development, this means that the child has more emotions – from sadness to joy, to the anger – and learns to master them. Newborns begin to express emotions as they come into the world. Over the following months, they show their sadness and joy.

At this age:

  • He loves physical contact and touch, and research.
  • It reacts favorably to the comfort and well-being.
  • He cries when he feels pain or discomfort.

1 month emotional development

Gradually, he began:

  • Recognize a familiar voice and calm down when he hears it.
  • Communicate moods crying in different ways.

1 month emotional development

How to help improve?

Your baby has a unique personality that will develop at its own pace. But you can help foster this development by practicing parenting Comfort, Play & Teach. This approach is designed to easily integrate into your daily routine.

Adapted to the current age of your baby, the table below gives examples of small gestures beneficial to his emotional development.